Convincing; Preparation Pt.2

I also made a checklist to show them how prepared I was; but this list also really helped me when I was figuring out how much money I needed to properly take care of a cat. Anyways, some things are optional, but here’s a general list of what you’ll need to buy before you get a cat. You’ll just have to decide for yourself if you’ll get everything on the list; I’ve written down some advice or reasons to buy these things under some of the not so obvious necessities.

  • Collar
    For identification purposes in case of a breakaway, or just an outside cat
  • Harness & leash 
    For indoor cats so that they can go outside safely
  • Carrier
    Hard-case is recommended, as it is safer
  • Food and water dishes 
    Stainless steel, ceramic or glass are recommended, as they’re durable
  • Water fountain
    This way the water stays clean and filtered during the day
  • Dry food
    Check with your breeder/shelter to see what your cat is being fed
  • Wet food
  • Treats
  • Two litterboxes
    Common rule, one to start with, and one for each cat added to the family
  • Cat litter
  • Litter scoop
  • Poop baggies
    So the smell doesn’t get out once you’ve scooped out the litterbox
  • Separate trashcan
    In case you want to keep the cat litter separate
  • Grooming supplies
    Brush, comb, nail clippers and a gentle, ph-neutral (pet) shampoo
  • First-aid supplies
    Gauze, bandages, cotton swabs, cotton bads, scissors, tweezers, flea/tick treatments, worming treatments, antiseptic, hand sanitiser  and anything else deemed necessary kept in a snap-lock storage container
  • Cat bed
    This doesn’t have to be pricey! It’s common knowledge cats love boxes
  • Scratching pole
  • Cat tower
    Or mounted shelves, ‘cat highways’ give the cat more confidence
  • Toys
    Interactive toys, simple, safe ones for a kitten (no loose parts)
  • Cat grass
  • Catnip spray
    To guide the cat to appropriate places to scratch or play
  • Clicker
    For basic clicker training
  • Lintrollers
    For yourself, to get rid of all the cat fluff on you and your furniture
  • Non-toxic cleaning supplies
    To clean the litterbox, dishes, toys etc.
  • Odour neutralising product
    Make sure its a gentle one, for around the litterbox
  • Towel or stuffed animal
    This one might seem odd, but its to let the kitten/cat learn your scent, and to make his/her own safe thing out of it

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