Convincing; Research

I did my research in advance, to see if I could actually handle all the responsibility that comes with owning a cat. I asked around, reached out to friends and family with cats, but really, the internet is your best friend when it comes to research.

There are so many websites full of information, and to be honest, Animal Planet shows can be a big help too. My Cat From Hell shows you problematic behaviour that can occur, and how they’re fixed; Jackson Galaxy will teach you a lot about the behaviour of cats and their own language. Of course, there’s also Cats 101, which will be a great help to you if you decide you want a purebred cat; they tell you all about the breeds, characteristics and upkeep.
Friends and family also really helped, they provided little bits of information you can’t find online, and of course, the experience they have with cats. This means they can also offer you the real experience; try asking if you could watch the cat(s) for a while, or just come over to spend time with them. They can also offer you insights on what cats might cost in your area, think food, litter, toys, veterinarian bills, and give you great recommendations for later!

In the upcoming posts, I’ll tell you all about how this research will come in handy, and what exactly I researched.

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