Convincing; Responsibility Pt.2

Of course, there’s always financial responsibility. In my case, I’m planning to pay for Fin all by myself. So the research comes in handy once again.
Initial costs for a cat are different for everyone; purebred cats are often a lot more expensive than a rescue, but that doesn’t make them better cats by definition. There are many articles that can be found online to find out what better suits your needs and lifestyle, so look at those before you decide what kind of cat you want.

I would recommend having about 500 bucks ready, excluding the costs of the cat itself, of course you could get everything including the cat itself with 500 bucks, but I’d recommend having some ‘safe money’ in your budget, you’ll always be able to fall back on it when something turns out to be more expensive than expexted (based on this article). I made my own budget based on the article and the help of cat lovers in my area, its very helpful!

Monthly costs for a cat range from 20-50 bucks a month for food, cat litter and insurance/safe money.

Insurance/safe money for a cat is about 13-20 bucks a month. You should really consider getting your cat insured, but if you can’t or don’t want to, at least make sure you put some ‘safe money’ aside in case something happens.
Food on the other hand, if you buy it in bulk, you can save some money. It can be kept for around three months, depends on brand and type (don’t keep wet food for too long!) and if you only have one cat, it takes longer to finish up the bulk, so you can go longer without spending good money on food.
Same basically goes for cat litter, buy it in bulk, and save some money.

Don’t be afraid to shop around and look for discounts, but always make sure you get the best for your cat.

PS. I’m using bucks because I don’t know what currency you might use, but the prices are very comparable for every country.

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