Convincing; Responsibility Pt.3

Now that you’ve gone through the research responsibility part, you’ve either decided its too much effort and too much money, or you’re like me, and decide everything will be totally worth it. It’s time to show your parents you are in fact responsible enough to own and take care of a cat.

What I did is slowly start bringing getting a cat up in conversations; and my mom started asking questions, seeing if I really did know everything there was to know, and if I’d done enough research. I think this really helped, because she told me what she thought about me getting a cat.
She said I had to prove to her I was responsible enough, by following up on my chores, taking good care of myself (I used to forget having lunch on my free days, or I forgot to drink enough water), and just keep showing dedication, but not pushing too much.
So thats exactly what I did, I did extra chores, I took good care of myself, and I got lucky. Our old neighbours have a cat, which my mom always takes care of when they’re on holiday, so I offered to take up half of the care, since I couldn’t do the whole thing while working full-time during vacation (I normally don’t work full-time, but I’m saving up for Fin). I went to feed her and play with her every night without fail, even though I was tired; I showed how dedicated I was to this.

This is basically how I convinced my mom, and how I’m working on my dad.

My dad is a little more difficult, because he’s still stuck on the idea of my last pet, my bunny. I loved her, but I just didn’t have time to take care of her, even though I promised I would when I got her, until a few months before she died (I was about 12 when I got her, she died last December). I didn’t do the research I should’ve done, so my parents had to step in and take over her care.
I now know how much it takes to take care of a pet, and I’m using all my knowledge to show my dad this; I think it’s working, as dad’s been asking questions too; which is how mom got started.

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