Caturday Update; Preparing For Fin

To be completely honest with you guys… I’ve had to hold back on prepping for Fin. Mom and dad said I was going too fast, and thinking in too much detail. I want to be as prepared as I can, but I’ll admit, you can’t prepare yourself for everything.
I waited until Finley was a little over a month old before I started buying kitten supplies, you can see the first haul here, and I’ll be posting a few more hauls soonish. Some of them will consists of things I’ve received as gifts for Fin, from my amazing friends and family. My mom gave them a list of things I wanted to buy, and I’m very grateful for being surrounded by such loving people that share my excitement in this (:

By now, I’ve ordered more toys than he could possibly need (although I do still have a ton of stuff on a wishlist for him), but he’s my little baby, and I’m probably going to spoil him rotten. I’ve also been creating little places for him to lounge by putting blankets, pillows, and baskets literally everywhere, so the house is being catified step by step! Dad actually had some days off a few weeks back, and he did some major catproofing in my room, and some in the hallway (Thanks dad!), so theres not much catproofing left for me, other than to hide some computer wires, but I’ve already bought some things that’ll help me do that.

Since my room has been completely catified, and the living room is as good as done already, all thats left is the front attic, which is his (safe) room. I’m hoping to convince dad to help me build a cat walk on the walls, and make a cabinet for litterbox, but we’ll see how that turns out. I’m also still thinking about buying a second scratching post for him, but I’ll see about that after he’s been home for a while.

I only have food left on the checklist right now, along with worm and flea treatment (more like prevention). I’m not buying food until about a week before I’m taking him home, because of the expiration dates and all that, but I will be buying the other stuff asap. I’ve gotten Fin most of the stuff he needs this week, so I’ll be posting about the haul later on. I’ll also be posting a separate checklist post for other people preparing to get a kitten! I’ve already made a small checklist before, but this one will be more thorough, as I’ve discovered some other small things you absolutely need.

So really, preparing for Fin is going great; theres not a ton left to do until he comes home, although we do have to clear out the front attic before putting his stuff in there. I’ll post another update on the catification and preparation when all this is done, and then another update when Finley’s been home for a while, and the whole area has been tried and tested. This way, I might be able to give you guys tips and tricks!

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