Convincing; Catsitting

I moved into my grandparent’s home for a week while they were away to take care of their cats! I’ve taken care of a neighbours cat before this, which I mentioned in another post, but this wasn’t 24/7, and I only had to feed her.
To be honest, I’m so excited about being around cats for 5 days straight, that I’m even looking forward to learning to scoop out the litterbox.

My grandparents have two cats; Letta (A Highland Fold, straight, lilac point) and Gijs (Selkirk Rex, curly, chocolate point). Here’s are some pictures of the babies, the first row is Letta, the second one is Gijs;

They’re inside cats, but they have an outside enclosure in which they spend about 4-5 hours each day if the weather’s nice. They’re free fed (which means they have a bowl of food out during the day, no scheduled meal times), and they get wet food every two days. Gijs, as he’s a Selkirk Rex, also gets brushed every two days, but Letta only gets brushed once (rarely twice) a week.

The week I spent taking care of them was amazing, and I’m now definitely, completely, and utterly sure I want a cat in my life (not that I wasn’t already sure.. this just confirmed it). It was a little odd living on my own for a while, but everything went well.

I knew Gijs to be shy, so I wasn’t expecting much of this little angry sheep creature, but he quickly warmed up to me. He came to me for cuddles every morning, a total purring machine, bunting (head butts) included. He loves playing with tiny fabric balls, and every night, he took one of the toy basket, put it in front of the stairs, and stared at me until I threw it up the stairs for him. Once I looked away.. He went running up the stairs like a total maniac, and a few seconds later, a ball would roll out of the staircase; he basically loves to play fetch, and hops around like a little goat. My grandpa told me he’d be a little difficult with brushing, but I had no troubles at all, he laid on his back, and let me brush him just fine, still purring.

Letta, on the other hand, has always been a little ball of loving fur. She comes over for cuddles when anyone’s in the house, and likes to roll around until you give her tummy rubs. She’s a very lazy cat, likes to lay around, but turns out, she has a thing for playing with a little ball on a string (oh yes, that rhymes). She likes to push her little head against mine when I’m sitting on the couch, which is the most adorable thing ever. She also likes to put her little pawsies on you when she wants to be petted, but she doesn’t really purr, although she does have a tendency to snore when she sleeps, which sounds like little squeaks.

Overall, it was a great experience; and my grandparents and I agreed that if they need a sitter again, I’ll be the first to hear it.

Ps. Scooping out the litterbox was, as a matter of fact, kinda fun to learn

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