Convincing; Patience

Perhaps it’s the key element in trying to convince your parents; patience. I know its hard, you’re so excited, you really want this to happen, but you can’t push your parents. You can’t ask them about it every day, because it very likely won’t have the effect you want. To make it a little more bearable for yourself, put your goals down.

What really helped for me, is to calculate how long it’d take to save up the money, my bank offers savings accounts in which you can set a goal, so you can see your progress, and what made the saving easier, is finding a name for the cat. I wanted something simple, not too long, and something that was preferably gender neutral or male, as I’m planning to get a male cat. Here’s the list, in case you’re still searching for a name;

Aiden – August – Bean – Bentley – Bodhi – Booth – Brennan – Bucky – Cain – Callum – Castiel – Charlie – Clark – Clint – Cody – Deeks – Ducky – Enzo – Finley – Gibbs – Hunter – Ian – Jules – Kai – Layton – Niklaus – Parker – Riley – Sage – Scout – Sydney – Toast

So as you might’ve noticed, I ended up choosing Finley Bean. I think he’ll mostly be called Fin or Fin-Bean, but we’ll see.

Of course, a girl’s gotta be prepared. What if I get to the stage where I can pick a kitten at the breeder’s, but I fall in love with a female kitten?

Alice – Chiara – Colette – Cosette – Darcy – Dascha – Emma – Gamora – Indy – Ivy – Jean – Juno – Louise – Lulu – Melon – Mindy – Mia – Mona – Noodles – Nova – Pepper – Poppy – Riley – Sage – Siobhan – Sydney – Tasha – Tamsin – Tessa – Toulouse – Zoe

Just remember – WHINING DOES NOT GET YOU ANYWHERE! Especially with my dad, if I bring up the topic too much he’ll shut down. My mom is a little more lenient, which means we can pretty much discuss it freely when dad’s not around, which makes it a lot easier.

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