Caturday Special; Fin’s (Future) Sister

So, as I’ve mentioned before, we have a dog, and initially, that caused some doubts for my mom and dad; we didn’t want to cause her any stress, because pet introduction tends to do that. I’ll explain how we came to the decision of getting a cat regardless of this later. First; something about her.

Her name is Banjer, she’s 13 years old, and was born on the 10th of August in 2001. She’s a ‘Cão da Serra de Aires’, also known as a Portugese Sheepdog. Her favourite things are naps, couch cuddles and running after birds, and for her age especially, she’s still very good at the running and playing; our vet keeps being surprised at how active she still is. She’s very gentle, but doesn’t hesitate to nip at dogs/puppies that are bothering her. She’s very hairy, and we love her a lot.

So, why did we decide it would be okay to get a cat? We’ve had bunnies before, and she was completely okay with those. In fact, she kinda mothered them; licked them, and stayed close to them when other dogs were around.
Since my mom also sometimes babysits puppies, we know she can handle tiny bundles of energy that are young animals, and although it tends to be a little stressful at first, she gets over it.
The thing that really convinced us though, is that she can stay with people whom have cats without any problems; the people that take care of her when we’re away have a cat, and they get along just fine. She doesn’t mind my grandparents’ cats either, although they do spark her curiosity.

Initially, I wanted to go with the Jackson Galaxy approach on introducing pets; separating them, keeping Fin upstairs, switching them out, the feeding technique, and all that jazz. After a talk with the breeder, we decided on something else, since Fin will already be comfortable around dogs (the breeder has 2 longhaired German Shepards and a Golden Retriever puppy).
What we’ll be doing, is as soon as Fin is home, we’ll put him in the living room while he’s still in the carrier, so the dog can sniff him. Leave them be for about half an hour, and then take him upstairs, out of the carrier, and put him into the litterbox first thing. His ‘safe room’ is upstairs, so he’ll get to explore that for a while, and when he seems comfortable, I’ll take him back downstairs for a formal introduction with Banjer, and see how it goes from there.

I’m very well aware that things could go wrong with this method, but it does seem like the best option to us. We’ll be closely monitoring them, and I won’t hesitate to take Finley back upstairs if I feel things aren’t going well, and then try again later. Until we’re completely sure they’re okay together, and nothing will happen, they won’t be left alone in the same room.

So that’s everything about Banjer, and how I’m planning to introduce her to Fin!

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