First Impression; Cat Carrier Trixie ‘Sporty’

When I was looking for a carrier, I was still doubting wether I should go for a soft case or a hard case, since we already have a hard case for our bunny, but that one is too small for Fin to go in once he’s all grown up. It’d be okay for his first two-three visits, so I wasn’t in a hurry to buy a new one. I was, however, looking around to see the pro’s and cons of both types. Since I was used to the hard case carrier, I had my doubts about soft cases, but I did see the benefits of them. They’re lightweight, easy to store, and you can carry them as a bag, since most come with a shoulder strap. However, they’re not as sturdy or protective as hardcases are, and the material can be destroyed if the cat scratches at it too much.

This still left me undecided, but I noticed myself looking at carriers that had both a front opening and a top opening, that were large enough for Ragdolls and cases that had a shoulder strap. Since not a lot of hard case carriers had a shoulder strap and a top opening that looked sturdy to me, I was leaning towards the soft case carriers.

That’s when my grandparents came in; they had ordered two soft case carriers for their cats (Letta & Gijs), but since they travel to the vet by scooter or bike, they didn’t think they were safe enough, so they had sold one to their neighbour. They had a carrier left, still unused, and when I came over to tell them about Fin and show them some pictures, they asked me if I’d like to take it. After taking a look at it, I realised it ticked all my boxes, so I took it home.

The carrier bag is called ‘Sporty’ by the brand Trixie, it was bought on Zooplus, which is an online shop well-known in most of Europe. As you can see, its black with mesh details, has an optional shoulder strap, an ID-tag, and a small leash on the inside to attach to your cat’s collar or harness. The bottom is removable (it sticks to the carrier bag with velcro strips), and the bag has an extra pocket on the back, to store medicine or a pet passport. Both openings are closed by zippers, and the top opening has been made extra secure with a velcro strip. The base has been provided with anti-slip squares, so that the bag won’t slide all around the car if you put it down. The entire bag can easily be cleaned as its 100% polyester, and folds in on itself once you take the bottom piece out, which makes it easier to store.

The bag is 54cm long, 30cm wide and 30cm high. Price ranges from €19,90 to €24,90.

My first impression of this bag is that it must be very convenient, with the little leash inside, you can make sure your pet doesn’t get out by accident when the top flap is opened. The medicine pocket makes it so you don’t have to carry an extra little baggie for your pet’s things; again, convenient.
I do however, have my doubts about the top entrance, the velcro might not work all that great, but the zippers should hold up fine, so we’ll see how that works out. The frame that holds up the fabric isn’t that sturdy either, but again, it should hold up fine, and you can bend it a little to make it fit just fine.

I’m very curious to see how Fin will like it, but I guess we’ll find out in two months.

Check out the carrier bag here!

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