First Impression; Cat’s Flower Tree

I’m not one to like traditional cat furniture; I hate all the furry carpet, the ugly beiges and browns, so when I got to the point of actually buying stuff for Fin, I was leaning towards D-I-Y cat trees or the more expensive ones. As I mentioned in the shopping list post, I’d also been looking at the Banana Leaf Paradise Scratching Post, but as its very expensive, not all reviews on it are positive and I’m not sure what Fin will actually like, I decided not to buy that one. I was left looking at D-I-Y projects and trees I didn’t actually like, that was, until my friend JJ (Same one as I mentioned before; yes, we’re both crazy cat ladies) showed me pictures of her kitties lounging in the “Cat’s Flower” Scratching Tree.

The cat tree arrived in the gigantic box I got delivered at home, which was pretty heavy (I ordered some other stuff along with the scratching post, so it was a package within a package). I carried the pieces upstairs bit by bit and initially, I thought I could put it together by myself. Turns out it was a little more difficult than anticipated, so I enlisted my dad’s help. Putting the base and the first scratching post together was a little tricky, it took some trail and error, but dad and I managed. After that, it was pretty easy; just make sure you screw things tight enough, but not too tight, as it might damage things.

The cushions can be removed, and have a different colour (cream and a warm beige) on each side as seen in the pictures below; I took some close up shots of the materials as well. It has three little feathery toys attached to the baskets and the platform; I’m curious to see if Fin will use them, and how long they’ll actually last. The baskets seem very sturdy, but again, I’m curious to see how they’ll hold up if Fin starts scratching them (who knows what he might do?). The entire scratching post seems sturdy; and having seen how its been holding up with JJ’s two cats laying in one basket, I’m not really worried about it falling over or anything.

The entire scratching post is 130cm high, 64cm long and 55cm wide, and as far as I know, its brand-less. The scratching post’s frame is made of metal (they might seem thin to you, but they’re very sturdy), the scratching surfaces are sisal, and it has some furry, plushy lining on the connected parts and the base, which by the way, is very heavy. The pillows are made of the same furry, plushy material, and they’re machine washable (30 degrees Celcius). The little beds are made of woven ‘Eichhornia Crassipes’, which is some sort of aquatic plant; they’re sturdy, yet flexible, and look like they’d be comfortable for the kitty. The scratching post can be moved without much of a hassle; the lining on the base plate makes it easier to slide around, but it won’t budge if your cat jumps on it. I bought it on Zooplus for €89,90 (It’s been on sale for like half a year now, the usual price is €149,00.

Overall, the first impression I’ve got of this is pretty good; it seems to be sturdy, it looks cute and comfy, and its not over-the-top expensive. I’m very curious to see how this holds up during Fin’s kitten period, and I’ll be posting a review later on; I’m thinking after at least 6 months of use. Since I set up a YouTube channel, I might also post a video on how Finley uses this, but we’ll see.

Get the Cat’s Flower Tree here! 

2 thoughts on “First Impression; Cat’s Flower Tree

  1. iloveragdolls says:

    This is a lovely cat tree! I bought ours nearly 8 years ago and they have come out with so many cool options since then! I’m sure Fin will love it!

    • Milou (Fin's mom) says:

      Zooplus really does have a ton of great cat trees! (: I’m planning to buy Fin a bigger tree for in the front attic, as this one is currently in my bedroom, but we’ll see how this one gets used first, hehe

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