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When I first started thinking about getting a cat, I wanted to know what I needed to buy for him, and how much money I needed. I found some checklists online, but none of them really had EVERYTHING on there; they were too small and just didn’t include stuff that I’d heard about from friends and family that own cats. Just like with the Ragdoll Colours & Patterns post, I decided to put all the information I found into one thing, in this case, a checklist.

So, in a previous post I’d already written a checklist, but since I found out some new stuff, I figured I’d update it for you guys!

  • Collar
    For identification purposes in case of a breakaway, or just an outside cat
  • ID Tag
    For on the collar
  • Garden Fencing
    Or nets, to cat proof your garden for an inside cat
  • Kitty Door
    For cats that are allowed outside; but these can also be used inside
  • Harness & leash 
    For indoor cats so that they can go outside safely
  • Carrier
  • Food and water dishes 
    Stainless steel, ceramic or glass are recommended
  • Placemat
    Plastic recommended, especially for messy eaters
  • Water fountain
    This way the water stays clean and filtered during the day
  • Dry food
    Check with your breeder/shelter to see what your cat is being fed
  • Wet food
  • Treats
  • Two litterboxes
    Common rule, one to start with, and one for each cat added to the family
  • Litterbox mats
    To prevent cat litter that sticks to paws from spreading all over your home
  • Cat litter
    Clumping litter is recommended
  • Litter scoops
  • Poop baggies
    So the smell doesn’t get out once you’ve scooped out the litterbox
  • Separate trashcan
    In case you want to keep the cat litter separate
  • Grooming Supplies
    • Comb
      Try to get one with rotating teeth, they’re gentle on the knots
    • Brush
      I’d recommend a slicker brush
    • Nail clippers
      Get a tiny one! Large clippers will just get in the way
    • Shampoo
      Make sure it’s a gentle, ph-neutral and pet safe shampoo
  • Flea Prevention
    Even if your cat will be an inside cat, flea prevention is necessary
  • Worming Treatment
    Even if your cat will be an inside cat, worming treatment is necessary
  • First-Aid Supplies
    • Back-up flea prevention
    • Back-up worming treatment
    • Hairball Remedy
    • Gauze
    • Bandages
    • Cotton swabs
    • Cotton buds
    • Scissors
    • (tick) Tweezers
    • Antiseptic
    • Hand sanitiser
    • A snap-lock storage container to keep it all in
  • Cat bed
    This doesn’t have to be pricey! It’s common knowledge cats love boxes
  • Scratching pole
    Have some cardboard scratchers at the ready, they’re cheap and can easily be moved to places your kitty is scratching when he/she shouldn’t be!
  • Cat tower
    Or mounted shelves, ‘cat highways’ give the cat more confidence
  • Toys
    Interactive toys, laser pointers, kickers etc. Simple, safe ones for a kitten (no loose parts)
  • Chew Toys
    For teething kittens
  • Cat grass
  • Catnip spray
    To guide the cat to appropriate places to scratch or play
  • Clicker
    For basic clicker training
  • A can of compressed air
    To shoo away the cat when he/she’s doing something they shouldn’t be doing. Do not aim this at your cat; the sound the can makes will shoo them off.
  • Lintrollers
    For yourself, to get rid of all the cat fluff on you and your furniture
  • Furniture brush
    I’d recommend getting a Lilli BFF brush
  • Non-toxic cleaning supplies
    To clean the litterbox, dishes, toys etc.
  • Odour neutralising product
    Make sure its a gentle one, for around the litterbox
  • Towel or stuffed animal
    This one might seem odd, but its to let the kitten/cat learn your scent, and to make his/her own safe thing out of it
  • Some boxes or things to level with
    Your kitten will be small, and will struggle with getting up on furniture; they’ll climb their way up, but if you make little stairs/pathways/ladders, you’ll make it easier for them.
  • Pet Insurance
    Or safe money, in case something happens

I hope this helps you guys out a bit, and I’d love to hear any additions you might have for the list!

2 thoughts on “Kitten Checklist

  1. iloveragdolls says:

    Hope you don’t mind my input! Great list! You really have been working extensively on this! Something that has worked great for us is using a can of compressed air – like the kind you use to clean dust off computers and such- to deter Kerby from the back door. I don’t spray it anywhere near him, just up at the ceiling, but the sound is enough to make him back off. I needed a sound that was different than any other noises in the house and this is a big help. I would also get several cardboard scratchers. I know they aren’t the most attractive but they are cheap and when Fin is little I would have one in every room he is allowed to free roam in. This makes all the difference with not scratching furniture.

    Last word of advice which goes along with scratching. I had forgotten just how small kittens are compared to large furnuture. They want to get on bed or couch but their little legs can’t jump high enough so the jump up, catch whatever they can and climb the rest of the way up. I hated to scold Kerby for something he really couldn’t control until he was bigger so I made pathways to the furniture so he could make little jumps to get up there. Of course, they are still those moments of play where they prefer to fly and forgo the ladder path but that’s what kittens do! Hope you don’t mind my advice. If I recall correctly this is your first cat? Even though I have cats all my life I hadn’t had a kitten in a long time so it was kind of all new to me. So now I like to share the things I had forgotten about!

    • Milou (Fin's mom) says:

      I love getting your input! It’s really made my week that someone is actively following my blog and putting effort into replies and such! (: I wil definitely order some cans of compressed air, but the cardboard scratchers are already here, I just forgot to put them on the list, haha. I had completely overlooked the fact that he might struggle with getting up on furniture, so thanks for pointing that out, I’ll make sure to save some cardboard boxes to make little stairs for him. I completely agree with you, I’d hate to scold him for something he can’t control! I’ve put the things you mentioned in the article, so others will get these tips as well (: I really do appreciate your advice, because Fin’s my first furbaby and I want to do things right <3

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