Preparation; Kitten Haul Pt.1

Finally, some of the things I’ve ordered for Finley have arrived! These are the first few bits and pieces I’ve collected for him. I’ll tell you a little about each item, and I might post first impressions and reviews on some of the items, seeing as I couldn’t find a lot of information about some of them.

As you can see, its a whole jumble of things, and it certainly isn’t everything I’ll need. I’ve decided to buy Fin’s things bit by bit, saving food and other items with an expiration date for later. For now, I’ve bought some things to use for storage, some toys, and other stuffs.

I thought I might as well start with some essentials, but then I got distracted, and bought some toys, cat grass, food containers.. Anyways! I’d been looking at the food/water bowls from the brand CatIt for a while, and had even put them on my shopping list, so when it came to deciding what to haul first, I immediately added the bowls to the shopping cart.

Next up was the water fountain; I knew I wanted to get Fin one, because cats are known to drink more when there’s running water available to them. But which one? There are tons, and tons of water fountains out there, ranging from €2-€60, to me, it was quite difficult to pick one. There aren’t many reviews on water fountains that are available to me, so I asked my friend JJ. She has two cats, Bailey (Chocolate Point British Shorthair) and Sanji (Flame Lynx Point Ragdoll, he’ll be featured in an upcoming post about Ragdolls). She’d bought the Cat Mate Pet Fountain a few months prior, and was very positive about it, so since it was in my price range, why not? I already bought some spare filters, but since those aren’t very interesting, they’re not on the picture.

Cat grass. My breeder advised me to definitely get some for when Finley sheds, because it helps with preventing hairballs, and I know from experience that some cats really like snacking on it. I decided on the CatIt Grass Garden, because it has a system that ensures the cat can’t get into the dirt, and can’t eat the grass before it reaches a certain length. Plus, it fits in nicely with the playing circuit I’m planning to buy next haul.

As for storage, I bought a Curver Pet Life Food Container that I’m planning to use for the kitty litter, so I don’t have to have a whole bag of it upstairs, and can easily refill the litterbox.
I also bought some Brabantia Stackable Storage Jars, that I’m planning to use for dry food, treats, and possibly some other stuff.

The black rectangle on the picture is actually a Trixie Sporty Carrierbag, which I got as a present from my grandparents! I’ve written a first impression post about this which will be posted soon.
Some random things I also got were a clicker trainer, nail clippers, a Savic pooper scooper, a laser pointer and a little catnip mouse.

I’ll be posting another kitten haul post within the next month or so, and maybe a small food haul shortly before I go pick up Fin! If you want to see a list of the things I’ll be buying for him, check out my shopping list post (:

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