Preparation; Kitten Haul Pt. 2

I’ve been pretty much unstoppable in my shopping sprees, Finley now has a proper toy collection, and I’m far from finished. I finally got all the essentials down, other than some things with expiration dates (think food, worming treatment, etc.) and some small things I might’ve forgotten, but I know myself well enough that I can’t say I won’t buy him more stuff. I’ll be visiting England for a week during the summer holidays; different country, different pet stores.. I probably won’t be able to resist the temptation. Anyways, I bought all these things over the course of a couple of weeks, and I’ll tell you something about them!

I’ll start off with the more serious stuff, and then I’ll go to the toys, the many, many toys…

I got Fin two litterboxes; one for downstairs, and one for upstairs. Since he’s a ragdoll, he’ll probably turn out to be a pretty big cat, so I was on the look-out for a big hooded litterbox, one that was preferably not all that bad to look at. My friend JJ came in here again; she’d recently bought a Cat-It Jumbo Litterbox, and was very happy about it, and after a bit of research, I decided to buy two of these babies.
Their arrival was a gigantic disappointment, since both were defect; the little doors kept getting stuck. I e-mailed Zooplus and told them about my problem, and they sent me two new litterboxes free of charge, and let me keep the old ones. In my book, thats an A+ for customer service! The new litterboxes were just fine, and I’m planning to give away the other two without the little doors, because other than that defect, they’re completely functional.
So, on to the litterbox accessories; I bought two litterbox mats (the Benita ones in gray), two little poop bag holders in a heart shape (I know, ultra lame, but I thought they were cute) and a ton of poop baggies, the black ones supposedly smell like baby powder, but I have yet to test this, and some blue ones with little hearts on them that I found at the dollar store, and you can never, ever have enough poop baggies. I also bought some spare carbon filters for the litterbox, but those aren’t in the picture.

Next I got him some combs and a brush. I decided to keep it pretty simple, see if thats all he needs and go from there. Ragdolls are supposed to be pretty easy to groom, with a very rabbit-like fur that doesn’t knot or mat, so I just got him a slicker brush, a medium sized comb, and a comb with rotating teeth. The last one was recommended to me by Fin’s breeder; if the fur knots, this is a gentle, but very effective way to get out the knots. Both the combs and the brush are by the brand ‘Ferplast’, suitable for both dogs and cats.
I store Finley’s grooming supplies in a small travel bag my dad once gave me, so they’re nice and packed away. I also store his collars in the same bag, since they’re pretty tiny. I bought him two red collars; one with a little bell, and one with a bandana.

One last thing before I start talking about the ridiculous amount of toys I got him, is the small set of stainless steel measuring cups I bought to measure out his food.

I’ll try to keep it brief, because this post is already getting hella long and I’ll be writing some first impressions and reviews on a couple of things.

I got him a play tunnel at the dollar store, to see how he likes it, it has little dangly toys on one end, and it crinkles but theres not really much to tell about this one.
Wand toys, also pretty self explanatory, one with feathers, and one with a dangly mouse so I can start figuring out what he likes.
I also got him a dog toy (a floss), because it looked cute and I figured it’d come in handy when teething.

While I was researching catteries, I saw one cattery recommended ‘SpringToys4Cats’, or ‘Kattenveertjes’ in Dutch, they’re the colourful spiral thingies in the picture. They intrigued me, so I decided I’d get Finley some. They come in packets of 10, and I decided to go with the Jumbo ones in all different colours because I wanted to make sure he couldn’t choke on them. I gave two red ones away, but you get those as well.  First impression and review coming up!

I also bought the Cat-It Speedrails, or circuit, however you might call it, that comes with one light-up ball. I bought spares for that one, since it doesn’t look like you can replace the batteries. I’ve seen a ton of good stuff about this product, so I’m very curious to see how Fin will like it! I’ll definitely write a first impression and review about this one as well.

One of our lovely friends from Instagram, @stella_and_barney featured the ‘Funny Butterfly Toy’, and I immediately decided I had to get it, it looks like so much fun! It comes with four butterflies in two different colours, so three spares, and it runs on 3 AA batteries. I bought it on Zooplus Germany, and tested it out straight away, turns out, the dog thinks its pretty funny too.

So thats pretty much it! Thank you for sticking with me through all the babbling, and I hope this inspired you to get your furrbaby some new goodies too!

Ps. This is a collective haul, so I got him all of this over the course of a couple of weeks, I’d be embarrassed if I got this all in once sitting. Sorry about the blurry picture this time, it was difficult to get all of this stuff in one picture, haha.

2 thoughts on “Preparation; Kitten Haul Pt. 2

  1. iloveragdolls says:

    Lucky little Finley! He has got some awesome toys waiting for him!

    We also have some of the catit toys including one ball and track but it’s the shorter track and the ball doesn’t light up. Kerby was really into the ball/track toys when younger but now doesn’t play much with it. So now saving it for the next kitten!

    I love the butterfly toy and have wanted it for awhile but I decided I can’t afford it yet. So it’s on my wishlist. Maybe for Christmas!

    Here is my suggestion. Have no idea if it’s available where you live though.
    Luxury Feather Wand for Cats (Includes Two Additional Refills)
    It’s only $10 US and has three toys included which is a great value. Now, I own probably at least 10 wand toys and this by far is my favorite due to the wand itself. It’s hard to explain but it feels natural in your hand, it’s lightweight and sturdy so far. It also can be used as a long or short wand. I’ve found the wand is the important part because you can switch at almost any toy regardless of brand. I also purchased a squirmle toy from amazon and cut off the string attached to it. Then I slipped it through the ring on the above wand toy. It has been the biggest hit!

    Kerby is very treat oriented so I have found ways to interest him with that. I have taken a large flat box and cut holes in it all around it. Then I sprinkle treats in it and he works his little paws to get them out. Stimulates his mind as well as his body. There are plenty of treat mazes online but maybe trying a homemade one first to see if your kitty likes it. My other two cats don’t seem to get the idea at all!

    Happy shopping! It’s so much fun! Last Christmas I asked for toys for Kerby instead of gifts from my parents and inlaws. It was worth it!

    • Milou (Fin's mom) says:

      I’m planning to ask for more toys for my birthday, which is only a month after he comes home, haha! Ordering on amazon is quite expensive here in the Netherlands because we have to pay for internation shipping costs and import taxes, but I’ll be buying him some Flying Frenzy wand toys, have you heard of those? They’re supposed to be pretty good, and there are a ton of toys that go with it (: I also made a wishlist for him, because theres so much cat stuff out there that seems amazing! Being a crazy cat lady can be difficult.. The treat maze is a great tip! I really appreciate your imput (: Hope you can get the butterfly toy soon as well!

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