Ragdoll Cats; Why?

First off, I’d like to explain why I won’t be adopting a cat from a local shelter. I really do support the cause, and when I live on my own, I’d like to rescue a cat from the shelter. I’m all for adopting, especially older cats; the kittens go fast, but with older cats, you have a great shot at actually knowing what they’re like before taking them home!

Sadly, in my case it wouldn’t go over so well to rescue due to personal preferences, and the situation we have with our dog. So, I set off to find the perfect breed; to make the chance of Finley fitting in perfectly as high as possible. Knowing exactly what you want will make your goal all the clearer, and in my case, made it that much more easy to convince my parents.

Now, living with my parents and my dog, rescuing wouldn’t be a great option; I really want a kitten, but we need a docile personality to make sure the dog and the kitten don’t clash. A very active cat, and a very docile dog generally don’t mix well, especially seeing as my dog is starting to go slightly blind and deaf; it could turn out to be dangerous.

About four years ago, when I first started taking a liking to cats, I watched Cats 101 on Animal Planet often. This is where I first saw the Ragdoll; an enormously fluffy cat with gorgeous blue eyes. Turns out, this breed is very docile, and extremely affectionate; they’re often nicknamed ‘Gentle Giants’ and ‘Floppy Cats’. Another plus; this breed is known to be very dog-like, and tend to get along great with dogs. They can learn to play fetch (and all sorts of other tricks) and they’re very dedicated to their owners. Because of their fluffy coat, I initially thought they’d be difficult to maintain, but their coat is actually very similar to a bunny’s coat. It rarely tangles or matts, and they only have to be brushed once or twice a week.

I put a note in my phone, and about a year ago, I started looking up more information about the breed. I looked up breeders in my country, and dug around until I knew everything there was to know about these beautiful cats.

I eventually compiled a list of breeders that seem reputable, and that updated their website or Facebook quite often. Since I’m betting no one here would be very interested in seeing a list of Dutch Ragdoll Breeders, I won’t post it at this time; maybe when I’m actually getting Finley.
By that time, I was still confused by the colours and patterns Ragdolls come in, so I looked it up, and this is the explanation I found I liked best. I might make a separate post about this, as some information on that page is still lacking.

I personally prefer the Bicolour Lynx pattern, but Lynx (Mink) Colour Points have also stolen my heart. My colour preferences would be seal, lilac or blue. I don’t think I’ve explained why I want a male cat before, but its because males tend to be more affectionate, even after being neutered.
So thats how I decided on the breed, colour/pattern, and gender of my future cat. I think its good to have a clear idea of what you want before heading to a breeder, or even finding a breeder, because when you get there.. Chances are you’ll fall in love with all those little faces.

If you have any questions at all, send me a message!

2 thoughts on “Ragdoll Cats; Why?

  1. iloveragdolls says:

    I’ve enjoyed catching up on your blog. It’s so very exciting waiting for your kitten! You seem very responsible and very prepared for little Finley! I’m impressed with all your researching. I’ve had cats all my life and every one came to me as a kitten but Kerby (my 1 year old ragdoll) was the first new cat in 7 years. One thing I would caution is that ragdoll kittens are still very much kittens. Kerby was no less active than any other kitten but he was much better natured. I’ve encountered several new ragdoll owners that are surprised when their new kitten isn’t calm and cuddly. I saw you mention an older dog and I have two that are nearly deaf. They took to Kerby right away so I was never too worried but even now Kerby tries to engage them in play and I could see how it could turn our badly if they were surprised by his actions. Kerby has fit the Ragdoll definition by being dog like. He follows me everywhere (unless deep in sleep) which also means being extra cautious. I am always checking the dryer before I close it because he is always near me. I had one kitten jump in the fridge when I wasn’t looking. Luckily it was only a few minutes but it has stuck with me all these years! He plays fetch which is adorable! His coat is to die for and his eyes are spectacular. He isn’t scared of anything except a trash bag. However, he is not a cuddly cat. At a year old I’m starting to see more desire from him for affection so I’m hopeful it will continue. One thing for your wishlist that I would recommend is a pet stroller. I love mine! Kerby is already almost 12lbs so a normal carrier means he can’t sit up so he loves the space the stroller gives him. I have chosen not to let him outside, even on a leash, but he is allowed walks in the stroller (he is harnessed inside so along with the zippers he is really secure). He adores his stroller and the walks. I’ve even had to walk him around the house in it when it’s raining. This has gotten really long but I just wanting to share some of my kitten experience even though it seems like you have it all covered. I’m so envious that you get to see Finley as often as you do. So awesome! Can’t wait to see him come home!!!

    • Milou (Fin's mom) says:

      Thank you so much for your lovely comment! I had a great time reading it, and I’m so glad you enjoy the blog (: I’ve actually been considering getting a stroller, my mom and I saw one while shopping yesterday, but for now, I’ll put it on the wishlist! Ps. Your Instagram account is lovely, and its so much fun to know more about him and seeing his pictures now <3

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