Preparation; Shopping List

In a previous post, I had made a checklist to show my parents I knew exactly what I needed while I was still in the progress of convincing them.

Now, they’re completely convinced and I’m getting ready to buy things and prepare the house for Fin. I’m looking around on webshops, I drop by pet shops after work sometimes and have now also compiled a list of the actual products I’ll most likely buy, although I’m planning to check out a couple more pet shops before I start ordering things online.
I chose the products very carefully by looking at reviews, and personal recommendations I’ve gotten from friends that have cats, and my breeder.

I won’t mention all the products I’m going to buy, since that’ll probably be boring as hell, so it’s really a list of the products I’m most excited to buy for him. You’re going to be seeing a bunch of CatIt products.

  • Catit Design Senses Play Circuit
  • Catit Play ’n Scratch
  • Catit  Design Senses Grass Garden
  • The Scratch Lounge
  • Flying Frenzy Cat Wand
  • Flying Frenzy Satin Streamer Attachment
  • Lilly Brush BFF & SOS
  • Cat Tent Big Filzi
  • Cosma Snackies
  • Cat’s Flower Scratching pole/tower

I might also buy the Banana Leaf Paradise Tower, but as it’s very expensive, I’d like to find out what Fin likes best before I buy that. I also want to buy some cat books, but seeing as they don’t really have priority, I might wait with that. I’m going to be reviewing the Catification Book by Jackson Galaxy and Kate Benjamin as soon as I’ve read it thoroughly, and maybe do a D-I-Y project. Once I get Fin, I might also post reviews about the products on this list, but we’ll see about that.

I hope this might inspire you to get some new goodies for you fur baby as well!

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