First Impression; Spring Toys 4 Cats Jumbo

Yup.. I bought more toys for my baby. You might’ve seen these in the previous haul, but they were all coiled together so you might not have realised what they were! The Spring Toys 4 Cats Jumbo set, it originally came with two red ones as well, so you’d have ten springs in total, but I gave one to the neighbour cat, and one to the breeder, to see how the cats would like it. I saw these on a Ragdoll breeder’s Facebook page (Cattery J-Cats, if anyone’s wondering), who put them in the kitten care packages. She said they were a great success, and because I thought they were super cute, I wanted to get some for Fin too.

I picked the Jumbo set, because I was kinda scared about choking hazard with the smaller ones; call me paranoid, but I would not want one of those laying around when I’m not home to watch out for Fin. These are actually pretty big, so I’m not really worried about that anymore, although I do recommend you always supervise play sessions with smaller toys and toys with parts that might come off.

The spring toys are super cute, and come in a variety of bright, fun colours! They arrived in a padded envelope, coiled around each other to keep the package compact. They’re a little sturdier than I expected, but I suppose thats a good thing, it’ll be more difficult for the cat to bite off pieces this way, but they can still easily be stretched, but they don’t really bounce when you let it drop to the floor, which is a little disappointing, because I expected these to do so.
As I said, I brought one of them along on one of my Sunday visits to Fin. The kittens thought it was weird at first, and didn’t play with it, but later, one of Fin’s sisters started pawing at it and playing with it. The next visit, the breeder said they’d been playing with it quite a bit, but that it had rolled under the couch and she still had to get it out from underneath there.

The price on the Jumbo set is €7,99 and I didn’t have to pay extra for shipping. The Jumbo springs are 8cm long, 3cm in diameter and they come in 5 different colours, red, blue, pink, yellow and orange. You can pick a mixed set, like I did, or get a set in one specific colour. There’s a try-out set available too, in which you get all three sizes to play around with. Spring Toys 4 Cats is a company in the Netherlands (called in Dutch), that, as far as I know, ships worldwide, but don’t quote me on that one; the website is a little vague on this subject. 

Overall, my first impression of these is that they’re pretty cool. They weren’t exactly what I expected, but since my opinion doesn’t really matter on this much, and the try-out session with the kittens went pretty well, we’ll see how they work out!

Get the Jumbo Spring Set here!

4 thoughts on “First Impression; Spring Toys 4 Cats Jumbo

  1. iloveragdolls says:

    I thought Kerby would love a spring toy but was disappointed when he could care less. The other day I bought some pipe cleaners and have been shaping them in a spiral and he loves that. I’ve decided that he doesn’t like the heavier ones I first bought. He likes to carry his toys so he likes foil balls and such because they’re light. Might have to look for lighter springs. I’m so excited to watch Fin play with all his new toys when he comes home!
    You mentioned following a breeder on facebook. I always recommend House of Steward Ragdolls on facebook. She is somewhat close to me (4 to 5 hours) so I came across her in my research. She takes so many pictures and videos that you feel like you know each kitten personally! So much fun to follow!

    • Milou (Fin's mom) says:

      My breeder sent me a video of the kittens playing with a spring toy just the other day! They took a while to warm up to it, but they seemed to be having a blast, so I’m very curious to see how Fin likes them (:
      Its so funny to read how Kerby (or some cats in general) are so particular about their toys! It’s making me so anxious to see how Fin turns out, and what his little habits and preferences will be.
      I will definitely look into her facebook page! A favourite of mine on facebook is Pacificat Ragdolls, they’re only an hour away from me, and their babies are so gorgeous and fun to watch! On Instagram, I follow Fjarilflickans, which is my favourite account ever! She posts at least 5 times a day, and her cats are adorable, I feel like I know them as well 🙂 You should go and look at them! <3

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