Preparation; Kitten Haul Pt.3

Another kitten haul.. I really, really do buy too much for Fin, but I’m going to pinky promise you; this will be the last preparation haul. The last bits and bobs I needed before Fin comes home have arrived, although I do still need to buy worming and flea treatment, but I will be buying those at the vet’s office. Now, just because I pinky promised you this was the last preparation haul, doesn’t mean I won’t be buying more stuff, it just won’t count as preparation. Loopholes, guys, loopholes!

As you might’ve noticed, there’s a different background on this picture, and its a little dark which makes the picture looks blurry, but it’s because I took these pictures in our living room a little later at night; so sorry about that!

One of the most important parts of owning a cat is scooping out the litterbox, and even though I already had the litterboxes plus one scoop, I lacked a second scoop and the actual kitty litter. Even though the picture only shows one bag of kitty litter, I bought six. Why? Because they were on sale, and because my breeder recommended this litter to me out of all the one’s she had tested before. This litter is by the brand Sivocat, and it’s a baby-powder scented clumping litter.

I also bought a spare scoop, because I would really hate to be without one if one of the scoops broke. One of the scoops is brandless, but the big, roundish one is by CatIt. I thought I’d buy it because it looked a little like the scoop I’d bought in a previous shopping spree, but this one is gigantic. Seriously, its huge. Then again, it’s also really sturdy, so we’ll see how it works out.

I also bought a kitten harness, by the brand Karlie, but I’ll probably be buying a replacement soon, because I wasn’t expecting Fin to be as big as he is now, and he might not even fit in this one. I’ll be saving it though, maybe for his future brother.

I did get more toys for him, even though he already has plenty, but in my defence, three of them were free because of the bonus-point system Zooplus has! I bought the little mouses at Pets Place when I was out buying his food.

Talking about food, there will be a food haul coming up soon as well, so look out for that! I decided to do this haul and the food haul separately because I wanted to take the time to explain why I chose certain things for him. That way, this post won’t stretch into eternity. If you think I missed anything while preparing for Finley, please mention it in the comments below!

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