Caturday Special; Introducing the Beansley Store


I’ve been hinting and talking about this for a while now, but I’m opening my own Etsy store on the 1st of September! I figured I’d give you guys a sneak peak before then and tell you a little about why I wanted to open a store, and of course, what I’ll be selling! I’ll be writing about the blog more often as I make new products, and as Fin models them. In honour of the launch, next Tuesday’s post will be a ‘meowdeling’ post!

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Food Haul – Wet Food For Cats

I’ve mentioned it in earlier posts, but I’ll mention it again; I’m very picky when it comes to Fin’s food. The whole raw food debate has put me off dry food, so I have been looking, and looking for a good wet food that is suitable as a complete food. I’ve even considered feeding raw, but for me personally it would be too expensive and time consuming at the moment, and there are no ready-made options available to me, but I’ll talk more about the raw food debate in a different post. This one will be all about the foods I’ve bought for him to try out, why I chose them, and how I found them!

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August Kitty Finds ’15

Because of a post I made a while back was such a hit, I decided to create a new series of posts; the Monthly Kitty Finds! In these posts, I’ll be featuring shops and certain items that I’ve found online; things that I admire, feel deserve more exposure, and things I might buy along the way. These posts are not sponsored in any way; I hand pick all of these items and ‘advertise’ them for free, just because I want to.  Continue reading

Alphabet of Kitty Names

Copyright goes to the respective owner of this lovely artwork; ‘Pepaaminto’. Please click the picture to go to the source.

I’ve mentioned a lot of kitty names in a previous post, but because I’m always finding new names I like, I figured I’d make a post dedicated to names alone. I couldn’t really figure out where to start though, because I do have favourite names, but I have a lot of those, so it couldn’t be just a top-10. Since there are names for males and names for females, I decided to do an alphabet of cute kitty names by gender, inspired by post I saw on a Dutch cat blog;!

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Kitten Care Package


If you’ve read the previous post, you’ll know exactly what this is, but just in case; this is a kitten care package! One I received from Fin’s breeder when taking him home, and one I totally did not expect to be so gigantic, but I’m very grateful for it! I’ll just be telling you what was in the package today, but be on the look-out for another (food) haul soon! Continue reading