Alphabet of Kitty Names

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I’ve mentioned a lot of kitty names in a previous post, but because I’m always finding new names I like, I figured I’d make a post dedicated to names alone. I couldn’t really figure out where to start though, because I do have favourite names, but I have a lot of those, so it couldn’t be just a top-10. Since there are names for males and names for females, I decided to do an alphabet of cute kitty names by gender, inspired by post I saw on a Dutch cat blog;!

Of course, ladies first! I’m creating one big list for all these names, but the girl’s names will be first each time. You might notice that I’m a little partial to boys names, because I set out to buy a boy, but a girl’s got to be prepared; I have a list of girl’s names too. Some of the names on both lists are gender neutral, but I’ve put them in the list I personally think they fit best, but you might feel differently about it. If I have a special reason, or inspiration for the name, I’ll try to mention it!

A is for..
Ainsley, Alice, Annabel and Arya. (Game of Thrones, anyone?)
Aiden, Atticus and August.

B is for..
Bess and Bliss.
Bailey, Bean, Bentley, Beauticus, Booth, Bodhi, Brennan, Brody and Bucky. (Booth and Brennan from Bones, and Bucky from Captain America)

C is for..
Callie, Cinder, Coco, Colette and Cosette. (I love coconuts)
Cain, Callum, Castiel, Charlie, Clark and Cody. (Cain and Castiel from Supernatural and Clark Kent, aka Superman) 

D is for..
Darcy and Dascha. (Dascha Polanko, an amazing actress on Orange Is The New Black, and Darcy Pentland, daughter of a Sprinkle of Glitter!)
Deeks and Ducky. (Both from NCIS!)

E is for..
Enzo. (The Vampire Diaries)

F is for..
Fae, Farryn and Faylinn.

G is for..
Gaia and Gamora. (Yes, I am a Marvel fanatic, and I especially love Guardians of The Galaxy.)
Gibbs. (Yup, NCIS again)

H is for..
Hally and Hazel.

I is for..
Indy, Ivy and Ixi.
Ian. (The Vampire Diaries star, Ian Somerhalder)

J is for..
Jean and Juno. (Jean Gray, and a tiny reference to Ellen Page)

K is for..
Kat, Kelpie and Kindle. (Both Kelpie and Kindle are references to my love for reading fantasy books)
Kai and Kingsley. (The Vampire Diaries again)

L is for..
Leilani, Lily and Louise or Louisa.
Layton. (Professor Layton)

M is for..
Maggie, Melon, Mia, Mindy and Mona. (I love most types of melon, and The Mindy Project, one of my favourite shows! Mona is a brand of pudding here in the Netherlands, also, Mona Lisa!)
Matton, Mjölnir and Morpheus.

N is for..
Nelay, Noodles and Nova. (Another Guardians of the Galaxy reference, and my love for ramen, aka noodles)
Niklaus. (The Vampire Diaries, and the Originals)

O is for..
Odile and Ophelia. (I am a sucker for the Swan Queen story)
Oakley, Odin and Olli. (Odin, Thor’s father)

P is for..
Pepper, Pidgeon and Poppy. (Pepper Potts, Iron Man!)
Parker. (Peter Parker, Spiderman!)

Q is for..
Quill. (Peter Quill, Guardians of The Galaxy, aka Starlord)

R is for..
Riley and Rowena. (Rowena is a witch in Supernatural, another favourite of mine)
Ramsay, Rhodes, Rone and Rowan. (Gordon Ramsay, duhh)

S is for..
Shiloh, Siobhan and Sydney. (Sydney Sage, a character from one of my all time favourite writers, Richelle Mead)
Sage and Scout.

T is for..
Tamsin, Tessa and Toulouse. (Aristocats!)
Thorin, Toast and Tobias; Tobi for short. (Thorin Oakenshield, and a little wink at Thor)

U is for..
Udon and Ulrich. (Udon, a type of noodle, and Ulrich, the so called head of all wolves)

V is for..
Val, Vendetta and Viv.
Valek, Vance and Vause. (Valek is a character from one of my favourite book series, A Poison Study, Director Vance from NCIS and Alex Vause, Orange Is The New Black) 

W is for..
Willa, Willow and Windi. (Thats right, Windi, from Fjarilflickans)
Ward, Webber and Wendigo. (Agent Ward, Agents of Shield, and Wendigo, a creature from Supernatural.)

X is for..
Xandar. (A planet in the Marvel Universe)

Y is for..
Yael and Yuki.
Yandu. (A character in Guardians of the Galaxy)

Z is for..
Zeke and Zephyrus. (Ezekiel, from Supernatural)

As you can see, I personally have a preference for human names, not typical pet names, although I do have some funky names thrown in there, that you would most definitely not want to call your daughter or son. Some named I just stumbled upon, others, I found in my favourite series, books, movies and so on.
Some people have asked me why I named Finley the way I did, and honestly, I have no real reason for it, other than the fact that it just sounds right to me. Did you name your pet after someone? Or did you just stumble upon a name that felt right, like I did? I’d love to know, and I hope this post inspired you, if you’re still looking for a name for your furry friend! (:

Ps. If I find any new names I like/love, I’ll edit them in!

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