Caturday Special; Fin’s Breeder

Ask and ye shall receive.. This caturday special is all about Fin’s breeder! I’ll be writing a little on why I chose them, how I found them (or really, how my mom found them), where they’re located, how they operate, my experience with them so far and some other small things you might want to know. 

The cattery I bought Fin from is called ‘From Shelby’s Meandros’ and is located in the Netherlands, specifically Zwijndrecht (Zuid-Holland). It is run by Joke and her husband André, who have three dogs, and seven cats; 5 females and 2 males of which one is castrated. They are extremely devoted to their animals, and you can definitely see how well-cared for they are. To be honest, I was really lucky my mom found them; I’d be scouring the web, list after list of catteries, yet I never saw them. Anywho! I e-mailed them shortly after I’d gotten approval from my dad, and they called me the same night, I got to go see Fin the day after that.

If you’ve been following us for a while, you’ll know I got to visit Fin every week, which truly, truly was a blessing as it’s not something every cattery offers; its actually very rare to get to visit your kitten so often. I got to see him grow every week, and I got to bond with him before he came home, which I think really helped him while settling in. I was already sort of familiar to him, so his new surroundings weren’t completely foreign. They were very patient will all of my questions, and every Sunday night was, as we Dutch would say ‘gezellig’, which basically means you have fun, you feel at home, and you enjoy each others company.

Their kittens are raised in the living room, and are raised freely; the dogs get to meet them at a very early age, and so do their new owners; I got to hold Fin when he was only 11 days old. The kittens are fed a mix of foods, so they won’t grow up as picky eaters (Fin sure isn’t!), will be vaccinated twice, get their worm and flea treatment four times, and come chipped. Of course, the parents have been tested for all hereditary diseases and such, so the kitten will be completely healthy when coming home; the kitten contract has a guarantee of 1,5 years free of the potentially dangerous diseases. The kittens leave their home around 13 weeks, but can stay a little longer if you’re going on holiday that week, which is why I picked Fin up a little later. You, as the kitty’s new owner, get to pick the Pedigree name yourself, as long as its within the terms specified. The kittens are very well socialised, and true cuddle bugs. I also got a huge (more like gigantic, ginormous, humongous) kitten care package to take home, which I will write about soon.

Overall, the experience I had with the cattery and its owners was amazing; they were, and still are so kind; I regularly text Joke with pictures of Fin, and she’ll be coming over soon to cuddle him. I know I will always be welcome to ask questions, which is great, especially since I’m a first time cat owner. If you’re looking for your own furry companion, I would most definitely recommend her to you if you live in the Netherlands, or even elsewhere, since they are willing to ship their kittens as long as they feel good about the new owners. If you have any questions for me, you can leave them down in the comments below, and for more information about the cattery, please don’t hesitate to visit their website!

Joke and André, thank  you so much for trusting me to take care of the kitten you raised with so much love!

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