Fin’s First Day Home (Video)

As you might know, Fin came home on the 3rd of August, a very exciting, but nerve-wracking day; would he be happy here? How will he and the dog get along? Is he going to be shy? Will he recognise me? All these questions, all these nerves..
To be very honest, all the nerves were completely, and I do mean completely unnecessary. My boy fits in perfectly, and was walking around with his tail up, purring his little heart out within the first 5 minutes of arriving home. Today’s post is not just going to be me writing though.. I filmed bits and clips of his first day home, so we also have a video! I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it (:

Mom and I went to go pick him up around 2 in the afternoon, and stayed for a drink, while the kitties explored and lounged in Fin’s carrier; getting a familiar scent on it so if Fin turned out to be homesick, he’d have something familiar. As you can see, Fin is half in in, four of his brothers, and his mom (she’s the one in deep) really took to it, and I almost took another kitten home because he was hiding in there, haha. We got an amazing kitten gift package, and if you’re reading this Joke, thanks again! Fin and I love it (:
The ride home was pretty uneventful at first, but he started meowing after a few minutes. They were these tiny, heartbreaking meows, but luckily, the drive was only 10 minutes, and he stopped meowing as soon as the car stopped moving, so I’m not sure if it was confusion, or just dislike of car rides, but we’ll see, since we had a doctors appointment today.

I wrote a couple of small updates on Instagram, so you might’ve seen those of you follow me on there, but here’s a quick summary of how Fin’s first day home went! We put him down in the living room for a few minutes at first, still in his carrier, to let the dog sniff him without having to be scared of anything violent happening. She was a little curious about him, and also very nervous, so we separated them and I took Fin upstairs.
As soon as I opened his carrier, he came out, and started walking around with his tail high up in the air, which is a sign of confidence! He was a little hesitant exploring at first, but soon started purring and kneading as he walked and sat down. He played and explored a lot that afternoon, and I brought him downstairs to meet the dog again, this time without anything separating them. I was very nervous, but it went pretty well; Banjer showed Fin her teeth a couple of times, but we told her to stop doing that. She nipped at him when he got in her face one time, so I decided to bring him upstairs again so we could play and chill some more before I gave him his dinner.

Our evening wasn’t very eventful, but shortly after going to bed, Fin started meowing. He started looking around for me if he hadn’t seen me for a few minutes. I put him on the bed a few times, but since it was a very hot day, he kept jumping off, and then repeating the meowing and looking for me until I let him up again. I eventually caved in and put a little step up to the bed for him, which he used a couple of times before deciding to sleep under the bed. We didn’t sleep much, since he woke me up for cuddles early in the morning.

It wasn’t a very busy day, but I enjoyed every second of it. He is such a sweet, social, purry baby and I can’t imagine a day without him anymore. He’s a little clingy and meows for me when he can’t see me, and I know he needs to learn to be okay without me, its just the cutest thing ever to hear him meow, and see him flop around at my feet when he sees me again. So! Enough of my drooling over his adorableness. How did your kitty behave when he/she first came home? I’d love to know!


5 thoughts on “Fin’s First Day Home (Video)

  1. Milou (Fin's mom) says:

    I was afraid Fin would be shy, and hide the first few hours, but he did the exact opposite! I’ve noticed he ‘talks’ a lot too, even when he’s sitting in front of us, and when he’s playing; its really cute! (:

  2. iloveragdolls says:

    Fin looks so comfortable at home! Kerby settled in pretty much immediately but you can tell Fin is bonded with you! That is so awesome to see. What a sweet little boy he is!

  3. Kelsey says:

    Loved your story and video! I’m glad Fin seems to be settling in well and that you are enjoying him! I remember when I first brought my kitty home. He loved exploring the house and I followed him every step of the way. That was 5 years ago and he is still my loyal companion and best buddy!

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