First Impression; Lilly Brush S.O.S.

I’d seen this brush on the Floppycat channel (Youtube), which I watch regularly. It intrigued me, no more lint rollers? An easy, reusable tool to get rid of cat hair and sweater pills; how good does that sound to you? To me, it sounds great! Which is exactly why I went out to find one, but little did I know, that turned out to be a little more difficult than I expected. You see, the Lilly Brush S.O.S. is an American product, and it hasn’t really gained popularity here, which is why I could only find it on Amazon (but the shipping costs would be too big), and a Dutch/Belgian webshop; Flying-Frenzy. Anywho, lets get into this first impression!

The brush comes in two colours, Red and Graphite Grey, but only the first option was available to me. Not that I mind though, the red will be easy to find if I have to grab it real quick before running out. As it turns out, Fin doesn’t shed much, which could of course, change, but I’ll be saving up some furry surfaces for the final review of this product! For now, I’ll be telling you something about how the brush feels and a little on how it works.

As you can see in the picture above, the brush comes in two pieces, a lid, or cap if you will, and the actual brush part. When put together, the brush its very compact, and can easily be put in any bag. If you hug your kitty as much as I do, that will probably come in handy if you turn out to be coated in your furry friend’s hair.

The brush itself looks like it has sturdy bristles, which helps a lot when brushing off the fur, or sweater pills. To clean it, simply run it under some lukewarm water and light soap, and tap it to get rid of anything stuck between the bristles. That, or just run it over a surface until the fur forms a little ball, and remove that. Couldn’t be any simpler, right?

It seemed to work pretty well when I tried testing it for the first time, but it was only a small amount of fur covering the surface.

I’m very curious to see how this works out considering Fin doesn’t shed much, but since the colder seasons are coming closer, I think it just might be a lifesaver. I am after all, a lover of darker colours, and Fin is pretty much white right now; people will definitely notice if I come to school covered in fur. Would you try this product as well? Or would you stick to traditional, icky sticky lint rollers?

Find out more about the Lilly Brush S.O.S. here, and buy the brush on Amazon!

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