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I’ve mentioned it in earlier posts, but I’ll mention it again; I’m very picky when it comes to Fin’s food. The whole raw food debate has put me off dry food, so I have been looking, and looking for a good wet food that is suitable as a complete food. I’ve even considered feeding raw, but for me personally it would be too expensive and time consuming at the moment, and there are no ready-made options available to me, but I’ll talk more about the raw food debate in a different post. This one will be all about the foods I’ve bought for him to try out, why I chose them, and how I found them!

First off, I would like to thank the person who made the document mentioned on this website, because you have truly made this so much easier for me, but I couldn’t find your name anywhere. For those of you reading this post, I would definitely recommend reading the document, and the post it was mentioned in; its very informative and basically tells you most or all components in the wet foods mentioned there, so you can make a better decision concerning your cats diet.

After scouring through the list and crossing every non complete food and food that’s not available to me off my list, I decided on two brands; Bozita and Granatapet. I’ve already heard a lot of good about Bozita from @fjarilflickans on Instagram, so I’d looked into the option of buying it for Fin before, but Zooplus didn’t have all the ingredient percentages listed on there and I still wanted to know; another reason the document I found was such a great help to me. Granatapet was completely new to me, but after having seen the ingredients, I really wanted to try it. I bought all available trial options for both brands (yes, it was a little excessive, but I want to see what suits Fin best), which means I bought two trial packages from Granatapet, and three from Bozita; two trial packages with jelly and one with gravy, all on Zooplus.

I’m currently feeding him the Granatapet food, about 50-75 grams a day since the guidelines say a cat of 1-3 kg should have 100 grams a day, and Fin is now 3.2 kg but still on dry food as well. The tins each contain 200 grams, trail pack one contains the flavours Duck & Poultry, Pollock & Turkey, Veal & Rabbit, Lamb & Turkey, Pollock & Shellfish and Whitefish & Venison Liver Ragout. Trial pack two contains the flavour Turkey & Pheasant, Redfish & Chicken, Chicken & Shrimps, Venison & Duck, Lamb & Veal and Veal & Poultry. He had to get used to the texture at first (I had to feed him by hand), but dug in after just a taste.

I personally prefer Bozita, because Granatapet does have pomegranate seeds in there, and Bozita is all natural. I bought the Bozita Chunks in Gravy trial pack, which contains the flavours Shrimp, Beef, Reindeer, Chicken & Turkey, Salmon and Rabbit, and both of the Bozita Chunks in Jelly trial packs. Pack one contains the flavours Duck, Turkey, Rabbit, Lamb, Chicken and Minced beef, while pack two contains the flavours Salmon & Mussels, Elk, Mackerel, Crayfish, Chicken Liver and Haddock.

I’ll definitely be doing a first impression review on Bozita, especially since the packaging is so different from others; I’m wondering if it really is as convenient as they make it sound, but we’ll see. I might also do a first impression review on Granatapet, but I’m honestly more excited about Bozita, so if you want me to write about Granatapet as well, please comment below!
These foods are available in Europe for sure, and can be bought through Zooplus. If you’re an international buyer, you might be able to order from Zooplus as well, but I know for a fact that the Bozita food is also sold through If you’ve found any complete foods to your satisfaction, I would love to hear about them, and I’m especially interested in ready-made raw food that is available in Europe! I will be switching Fin to wet food only as soon as I’m sure he does okay on it, so I’m expecting that’ll happen in a few months tops. I’ll write a blog post about it then!

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