How I Feel About; Adopting Rescues vs. Purebreds

Now, this is quite the touchy subject, so please, please don’t get offended if I say something you might not agree with, but today, we’ll be talking about choosing to adopt a rescue cat, or a purebred cat. Of course, you can always do both, and I would highly recommend you do so if you have the choice. Personally, I’ve always wanted a Ragdoll, so when it came to finally getting a cat, the choice was easy. However, that doesn’t mean I never looked at rescue cats, or never considered getting one, which is why I’ll be explaining how and why I chose between the two, and my general opinion on this subject. 

Even though I myself chose for my first cat to be a pedigree Ragdoll, if you’re not completely set on getting a certain breed, I would definitely recommend rescuing! Those cats really need a home, and will be forever grateful to you if you provide it for them; they come in all sizes and colours, and a variety of personalities. You might even find a pedigree cat in a shelter. Some will come with a bad past, but with a lot of love, and a little patience, everything will work out.

The reason, however, that I didn’t choose to rescue, is because of my current situation. I still live with my parents, and mom doesn’t feel comfortable adopting an adult cat, because it might have a harder time adjusting to its new living situation, and it might come with a bad past; which you might not notice while visiting the cat in the shelter. Now, adopting a rescue kitten would be an option, but we wanted a docile kitten, since we have an older dog. A very hyper kitty, and a slightly deaf and blind dog won’t mix well.
Certain breeds however are known for being docile, and mixing well with other pets; which is why I chose to buy a Ragdoll cat.

Some people might not understand or agree with my choice, and I completely accept that, only some people choose to express their opinions in a rather rude way. This hasn’t happened to me personally, but I’ve heard some people get angry responses, which is why I want to get something straight — I am most certainly not opposed to adopting a rescue cat, or even multiple. I love all cats, and I spent a lot of time looking at shelter websites before deciding it’d be better for me to buy a Ragdoll; its just not the right thing for me right now, and it might not ever be, but you never know.

Adopting a rescue cat is not the only way to help shelters. I’m aware that homes for the cats are the most crucial thing shelters need help with, but you can donate money, items, your services. You can help by joining the Trap-Neuter/Spay program, and making sure no more homeless kittens are born. You can volunteer, spend times with the cats so they don’t get too lonely, and you can foster. The latter is something I would love to do once I have my own place, and enough time and money. There really are so many ways to help rescue cats, without actually taking one in yourself.

People who foster and rescue truly inspire me, and I am grateful that they are so many kind souls out there helping animals, but I believe that the cat lovers out there who haven’t rescued (yet), like me, contribute to shelters in a different way, one that suits them a little better. We all have our ways of helping, and if yours differs from mine, thats completely fine, I admire you for doing what I can’t do myself, but please don’t judge me for making a different decision, because I try to help however I can.

I hope this hasn’t gotten too serious for you guys, but it is a serious topic, and I definitely felt it needed talking about. If you help out your local shelter in any way, I’d love to know how you do it! And of course, if you have any suggestions for posts, or stories to share, please do so in the comments (:

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