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If you’ve read the previous post, you’ll know exactly what this is, but just in case; this is a kitten care package! One I received from Fin’s breeder when taking him home, and one I totally did not expect to be so gigantic, but I’m very grateful for it! I’ll just be telling you what was in the package today, but be on the look-out for another (food) haul soon!

We got toys, folders and brochures full of information, bags, food, more food, and a lovely, not so little bed. I’ve taken pictures of each ‘category’, so just click on the picture to zoom in (: By the way, if you’re noticing the funky coloured background.. I decided to take pictures in Fin’s playroom today! Please tell me if you like this set-up or not, I’ll be able to improve my blog this way.

First up, the toys! Since Fin already has a ton, and I do mean a TON of toys, I’ve decided to put most of these in his toy box for now, and slowly start introducing them to him. He’s already playing with the fuzzy blue and pink mouse though, and he loves it! I’ve bought him some soft balls before, and he loves those, so I’m very curious to see what he’ll do with these.

Paper.. Lots and lots of paper, and I happen to love reading! Some of these brochures actually advertise products not in the package, so I’ll be doing some research about those; others, however, are either coupon codes, kitten information, or product information. Some of the products sound interesting, some aren’t really my cup of tea, but I’ve put them all in Fin’s storage folder, so who knows?
Bags, WITH CATS ON THEM! I do love me some cat themed merch, so I’ll these will certainly come in handy.

Onto the food, we have some dry food, some wet food, and some snacks. As you might know, I’m kind of (pretty) picky about what Fin eats, and although I’m willing to try new things, I personally think its unfair to change up his diet over 3 times, especially when he’s settling into his new home. This is why I decided to give the Purina, Smølke, and Biofood to my cousin, who has three cats, and feeds them different things regularly, so I’m sure they’ll enjoy it. I fed him the Royal Canin babycat the first few days, then transitioned to Royal Canin Kitten, and from there on, to Hills which is his semi-permanent food as I’m considering a diet entirely consisting of wet food. I’ve slowly been introducing him to the wet food I’m planning to give him, but I’m still trying to find the best for him.

All of this, put on a silky soft, fuzzy bed. A pretty big one too, since it contained all this stuff! I’ve found out Fin prefers laying on the ground over in one of his many beds, but this might change as he grows older. The first week he was home, I put this bed, on my bed, in an attempt to get him to sleep on there while I slept, so I wouldn’t wake up with a mouthful of fur, but, no luck, although I didn’t really mind.

I’m very curious to see or hear what you got in your kitten care package, or if you got one! I’ve seen a couple of care packages in my time scouring the internet, but I’m wondering if they might differ per country, since other products are available, and I’d love to hear about them! If you want to read more about Fin’s breeder, our previous post was dedicated to it. If you’re reading this, Joke, thank you so much for surprising me with this lovely package! (:

2 thoughts on “Kitten Care Package

  1. Jenny | says:

    Not terribly excited to see all that dry food – maybe you can use it as treats. I always think of European breeders as far more advanced, feeding raw, etc. Maybe I am wrong? Glad you are slowly transitioning Fin to wet food or just off of dry food.

    • Milou (Fin's mom) says:

      I actually haven’t seen a lot of breeders that feed raw! And sadly, there aren’t many ready-made raw food options available, so it’d be too expensive for me to feed raw with all the supplements and meat. I’ve only used a bit of the dry food in the kitten care package, I gave the rest away to my cousin as I’m going to start transitioning him to wet food only now I’ve finally found some brands of wet food that I feel would be good for him (I’m hoping he takes well to Bozita, since thats the one I personally prefer), but I’m waiting to do so until after I’ve made sure he’s okay with it.

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