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By the time you guys are reading this, Fin will have been home for a day already! Time really does fly these days. Anywho, onto the food haul! I bought his food two weeks ago now, along with some other food-related stuff. I got very nit-picky with food after having read up on and following the whole raw food debate. Who doesn’t want to feed their cat the best they can?

A raw food diet is a little too much for me, so I eventually decided on a half wet food half dry food diet; Fin will get his dry food in the morning, and get a can of wet food at night. The reasoning behind this is that most dry foods have way to many plant-based calories and proteins, while cats should be getting meat based proteins and calories. Dry food is a very big suspect in the “What gave my cat diabetes?” case; too many calories will make your cat fat, and obesity is a very big cause of diabetes. I’ve also decided to not free-feed Fin, or at least try not to (if he doesn’t react well to it, I’ll have to figure out something else), because meal times are better for the digestive tract of your cat. I’m not going to use this post to lecture you on the pros and cons of whatever diet you might be feeding your cat, but I am going to explain why I made certain choices.
If you want more facts on feeding your cat a proper diet, please go to and look at their one page guides!

Dry food was really difficult for me to choose, because I saw bad ingredients in every formula. I’d already narrowed it down to premium brands only, and eventually came to choose between Royal Canins and Hills. I personally prefer the Hills formula because I noticed more added substance
s in the Royal Canin one that would only up the calorie count, plus, they didn’t actually mention how much meat they used in the food. Fin’s already used to multiple kinds of food, so I don’t expect any problems transferring him onto this dry food.

To store Fin’s dry food, I bought him a Curver Pet Life Food Container (35 L – 12 Kg). I already had a smaller container from the same range to store small amounts of litter to refill, and it all seems like great quality. The container actually comes with a scoop attached to the lid, but I bought a separate one as well, since the attached one seems a little inconvenient to use.

Now, I’ve told you how dry food can be bad, right? Same goes for wet food. Although any kind of wet food is probably better than dry food, I wouldn’t recommend just buying something without looking at the ingredients, because there are a lot of wet foods out there that are made out of scrap meat/fish, and have a ton of additives.
This is the reason I narrowed my selection of wet food down to Almo Nature and Cosma Nature (Greenwoods also seems to be good judging from the ingredients list, but these are more well-known). Both have over 70% human-grade meat/fish, just 1 or 2% rice, and the rest is moisture. The Cosma Nature cans came in a trial pack, and I bought a few kinds of Almo Nature to try out before I place a bulk order.
To keep the canned food fresh, I bought some covers for them by the brand Trixie, but bummer, they turned out to be a little too big for 70 gr cans. Thats okay though, because once I figure out which flavours he likes, I’ll be buying them in bulk, and in bigger cans in order to lower the costs.

Along with wet food, I also bought some snacks for Fin; Cosma Snackies. These are freeze-dried pieces of meat/fish, without any additives. I just went with the trial pack, so I can figure out which flavours he likes best and go from there.

Last but not least, I bought two placemats; one for his food bowls and one for his water fountain, in case of spillages. I think both the scoop and the placemats were from Zoolove, the Zooplus brand, but I’m not entirely sure.

I hope I didn’t bore you with all the nutrition information infused in this food haul, and that I maybe even motivated you a little do some research! If you have any questions whatsoever, I’ll try my best to answer them, but the website I mentioned really does have a lot of information on the topic.
Other than that, I’ll be posting a first day home video on my youtube channel this Thursday, if everything goes according to plan! Go check out our Instagram to keep up with us until then (:

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