September Kitty Finds ’15

Time really does fly! Another month is almost to an end, but that also means it’s time for a new Kitty Finds! If you’re a regular, you might know what these posts are about, but here’s a little intro for you. In these posts, I’ll be featuring shops and certain items that I’ve found online; things that I admire, feel deserve more exposure, and things I might buy along the way. These posts are not sponsored in any way; I hand pick all of these items and ‘advertise’ them for free, just because I want to. Credit of these pictures go to their respective owners, and will be linked to corresponding the shop!

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Caturday Special; Welcome to our new ‘home’!


YAY! My own domain name. Finally. It’s little earlier than I said or thought it would be, but I really couldn’t resist. I love blogging, and my own domain name just gives it that extra touch. I’m still working on this website because it’s a whole new thing for me, but I can’t wait to explore it with you guys! Everything that was on the old blog, can still be found on this blog and the old blog will stay online, but it won’t be updated. If you have any questions, please comment below or e-mail me. I hope you’ll stick with me through this adventure, and see how it turns out!

First Impression Review; Cat-It Speedrails


Since a sole first impression for the Cat-It Speedrails wasn’t really in order when I bought it at first (Fin wasn’t even home yet), I figured I’d combine the first impression and review into one post! As you might’ve seen in Fin’s coming home video, Fin absolutely adored this product when he came home, but the question is, a little over a month later.. Does he still love this product? Or has he abandoned it completely? Continue reading

Caturday Special; Photoshoot Bloopers

Did you say.. food AND photoshoot?!

Did you say.. food AND photoshoot?!

If you have a cat, and you like to take pictures, you will know my struggles. Actually scratch that, if you have a cat and want to look at stuff, you will also know my struggles; you have a photo/view bombing cat. When I’m doing digital homework, guess who comes to take a look-see? When I’m trying to read? What really happens the most often though, is that when I’m trying to take pictures for the blog.. He sits on my stuff. He just plops his fluffy bum down on whatever I’m trying to take a picture of, or sits so close I can’t take a proper picture of it anymore. Since I’ve collected a few of these so-called ‘bloopers’ I thought I’d share!

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