First Impression Review; Cat-It Speedrails

Since a sole first impression for the Cat-It Speedrails wasn’t really in order when I bought it at first (Fin wasn’t even home yet), I figured I’d combine the first impression and review into one post! As you might’ve seen in Fin’s coming home video, Fin absolutely adored this product when he came home, but the question is, a little over a month later.. Does he still love this product? Or has he abandoned it completely?

Luckily for me, the speedrails hasn’t been abandoned completely, but he does play with it a lot less often than he used to. I suppose he finds chasing after the dog and jumping around in his tunnel a lot more interesting now. Overall, the circuit still looks great, but because my boy’s a biter, you can see some teeth marks in the blue plastic; other than that, the whole thing is still working great, and nothing’s actually broken off. The battery of the ball that came with it though? Basically dead and gone, although it does blink into life every few days. You can’t replace the battery as far as I know, but I have some replacement balls handy. Fin definitely likes it more when the ball lights up, but he prefers still other toys now.

The one thing I do find a little annoying about this product, is that it’s very hard to take apart (I mean, that might just be me). It’s pretty difficult to unlock the parts, but it’s not completely impossible so its not a fatal flaw or anything.

Personally, I really like this product and wouldn’t really say anything bad about it, but since Fin has definitely taken a liking to other toys, I wouldn’t necessarily say you should go out and buy it ASAP. He does like laying in the thing, and for the price of a cool place to chill and a toy, I suppose it’s still pretty decent.

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