How I Feel About; Toilet Training

Have you heard of it? When I was doing my kitty research, I saw a lot of it, and eventually started researching it as well; toilet trained cats! Some can even flush after use, but the question is, is this really a good solution? No litterbox does sound pretty great, but are there bad sides to having a toilet trained cat? 

I actually considered toilet training my future cats before I even decided what kind of cat I wanted, etc. You can buy training products, or create your own, but it basically comes down to this. You cover the toilet seat with something sturdy, and put litter in it, then as the cat learns to do its business on the toilet, you start by cutting a small hole in the cover filled with litter, and slowly make it bigger, until there is no litter left, and your cat does its business in the toilet without any problems. You won’t ever have to buy kitty litter, or replace your litterbox, and no smelly living room or hallway. It does seem pretty convenient, but the more I thought about it, and heard about it, I decided against it.

Why? It not only goes against the natural instincts of a cat, but you will have to leave your bathroom door open all the time (or install a kitty door), you will have to clean the seat before you sit and you will have to flush after your cat constantly (nobody wants to go to the toilet and see someone left a present for the next user!), especially if there are guests present. I know, I just mentioned some cats have learned how to flush, but what if your cat finds the flushing process so fascinating, it keeps flushing, and flushing, and flushing..? Your water bill might get so exceedingly high I doubt you’ll think it’s stil worth it.
Not only that, but you won’t get a good chance to examine your cat’s stool. I know that sounds gross, but if your cat gets sick, it might show in its bowel movements instead of its behaviour.

For me, putting up with a litterbox is worth the trouble if it means my cat is happy and healthy. Litterboxes are another way for cats to mark their territory; you know how they scratch the sides of their litterbox after they’re done? That’s them marking territory with their tootsie cushions; which leave scent markers. Territorially insecure cats might start showing behavioural problems, and I’m not sure you want your toilet seat scratched up, so I don’t really know how that’ll work out. Of course, you could put a scratcher near the toilet, but I’m not sure if that’s ideal.
I’m not saying cats can’t be happy and toilet trained, and I’m not against it at all, but I would really recommend you get all the information you can about it, before making a decision.

Did you toilet train your cat, or are you planning to do so? I’m very curious to see as to what motivated you to do so, and how its working out for you! Of course, the theory is very different from how everything works in real life, so hearing about your experience with your toilet trained kitty would be great!

3 thoughts on “How I Feel About; Toilet Training

  1. Jenny | says:

    YES! YES! YES! So opposed – before I got Charlie and Trigg, I wanted to do it and even got the two kits they sell – the one from the UK company and the one from the USA company. You don’t only want to examine your kitty’s stool, but also their urine output – when it’s going into a bowl that has water in it, there’s no way to judge how much has come out. Bigger cat pee clumps can be a sign of diabetes, kidney failure and more – so it’s good to know your kitty’s cat pee clump size in general, so that if it becomes smaller or bigger you can be on high alert!

    I am so glad you are sticking with a litter box for Mr. Finley Bean!

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