October Kitty Finds ’15

Another month has flown by, a very hectic and draining month, but after a week break, I’m back! If you’re familiar with my blog, you’ll know the drill by now, if not, here’s a short little summary of what this post is all about! In these posts, I’ll be featuring shops and certain items that I’ve found online; things that I admire, feel deserve more exposure, and things I might buy along the way. These posts are not sponsored in any way; I hand pick all of these items and ‘advertise’ them for free, just because I want to. Credit of these pictures go to their respective owners, and will be linked to corresponding the shop!

BritishBrothers Bowtie

I’ve been following Koda, O’Neill and their human Lauri on Instagram for a veeeeeery long time now; long enough to have seen the start up of their bow tie store on Etsy! They’re affordable, great quality bowties, made in the Netherlands (Yay!). I received two of these bowties in the ‘Paw It Forward’ initiative that was circulating on Instagram; Fin already modeled them (which is why you can see him in their shop!), and I’ll be writing a review next week.

CevizTheCat – Kitty Sterling Silver Necklace, Heart Shaped Swarovski Rhinestone

Ceviz the cat, the utterly adorable BSH Scottish Fold, now has his own Etsy shop! His human makes lovely cat themed jewellery, some of which I definitely need in my life, even though I have enough cat themed things already. It might be a little early, but this could definitely be a great holiday gift for any cat lover.

Mi-Ow – Cats Notebook Set (A5)

More cute cat themed stuff! This online shop, based in the UK offers a variety of cat themed gear; clothing, textiles, stationery and gifts for you and your cat. All the fun stuff, featuring Alfred, Blinky, Truffle and Bobby, whom you can find on Instagram! I love the simple, but gorgeous design of their merchandise!

Mewgaroo Hoodie

Now this one.. This is real crazy cat lady material. I need it in my life for sure, but it’s a little (more like a lot) over my budget right now; the Mewgaroo Hoodie. A Japanese hoodie designed so you can look like a cat, carry your cat in your shirt and have added pompoms for cute factor, and for your kitty to play with. HOW AMAZING IS THAT?! The Japanese sure come up with some great stuff.

WhiskersDesigns – Summertime Strawberries

The owner of WhiskersDesigns, Laura, contacted me a while back and asked me if I would be open to reviewing some of her toys. Of course, I jumped at the opportunity, because how cute are these strawberries?! I’m so glad she brought her shop to my attention, because she crochets the cutest little cat toys; but also accessories for us humans! I’ll be writing a review about these over the next coming weeks.

As you might’ve noticed, this month’s kitty finds features a lot of things for not your cat, but you, as a crazy cat person, of friend of a crazy cat person. I personally prefer to do my holiday shopping early, so I thought it’d be fun to feature some cat themed goodies for us humans!

As always, I hope you enjoyed this month’s kitty finds, and suggestions are always welcome! If you have a shop you’d like to bring to my attention, wether its your own or someone else’s, I’d love to hear!

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