Quick Kitty Tip; Keeping Your Cat Active

We all know cats are lazy, but did you also know cats require at least 30 minutes of active play every day? Today’s Quick Kitty Tip is all about learning how you can keep your cat active, or entice them to play more and stay in great shape (or any shape really, maybe shrimp?)

Of course, cat yoga is an option, but one thing I would really recommend, is to find your feline friend’s kryptonite. Get a variety of small toys with different textures, colours, shapes, etc, and see what he or she likes best. I happen to know that Fin has a major thing for feathers (and feet, but kids, feet aren’t toys, and if you behave like they are, they will be, furrever..). He goes absolutely bananas for feather wands, or toys that have feathers on them, but then he also goes crazy for little the wool-like balls I got him a while back. Just like us humans, cat have a very diverse taste.

Now, if you’ve found your kitty’s kryptonite, and of course, if you are a crazy cat lady like me, stock up! Fin broke his first feather wand within 3 days, so I now have 2 spares, and a bunch of other toys with feathers. I don’t let him play with the feather toys unsupervised because I’m scared he might hurt himself, but he has access to his other toys 24/7. I try to play with him as much as I can, either with or without toys.

If you’re not in a position to buy a lot of toys, you can always make your own ones! Try making a foil ball, a toilet roll or a paper trash ball works wonders, and of course a box. Try tapping the box from the outside when your kitty is in there, see how it reacts. I also play peek-a-boo with Fin, which is basically where I hide behind a door or something else and sneak peeks at him until he pounces and gently taps me with his paw.

Really, you can make up all sorts of games you can play with your kitty, but just like you make time for brushing and cuddling, please make sure you make time to play with your cat as well! Staying active is important, since obesity can lead to a variety of other health problems. I hope this little tip helped you, and if you have other tips, feel free to share!

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