Review; Spring Toys 4 Cats Jumbo

It’s been a while since I wrote about these, but today’s article is a review of the Spring Toys 4 Cats Jumbo Set! Check out the first impression of these toys here for all the basic information.  Fin has been home for two months now, a good amount of time to test these babies. So, does he still like them? Let’s find out!

We have two toy baskets, one upstairs, and one downstairs. Both have two springs in different colours, but he only plays with his downstairs springs. He doesn’t really love these as much as he loves his catnip pompoms, but he does play with them when he’s hyper; he’ll chase them all around the living room, and sometimes carries them in his mouth.I was actually kinda scared Fin would bite off pieces and swallow them or something, because he is a chewer, but they’re pretty darn hard to break. I’m still glad I got the jumbo size, because like the paranoid cat mommy I am, I could definitely see Fin attempting to eat the smaller ones.

Would I buy them again? No, a pack of 10 really is enough for me (and Fin, and some other kitties), since these are pretty close to indestructible. I don’t regret buying these for him though, because they are fun, and they’re absolutely adorable. I actually think Fin kinda outgrew these, like he did the cat-it speed circuit, but I would definitely recommend these toys for younger kittens, and cats who like to chase things. Have you tried spring toys with your cat, and if so, what brand were they? Were they similar?

Get the Jumbo Spring Set here!

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