All About Ragdolls; The ‘Flop’


Since I’ve been very busy with college lately, and I’ve found myself too tired or too uninspired to write, the blog posts have been a mix of consistent and inconsistent. I do apologise for this, and I’m hoping to go back to my posting schedule as soon as I can. For now though, I’ve¬†decided to try some new types of posts, instead of just reviews, first impressions, etc. This’ll be the first article of a few about typical Ragdoll characteristics that I’ve noticed in Fin!

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First Impression Review; WhiskersDesigns Catnip Pumpkin & Strawberry Toy

Whiskers_Designs-1 So, a while back, I got my first actual e-mail on our new e-mail address;! My first regular e-mail was from my dad, but this one was from Laura, inventor and creator at ‘Whiskers Designs’ on Etsy. She asked me if I would be open to reviewing her toys, and of course, I jumped at the opportunity! This will be our first sponsored post, but of course, I’ll still be honest with you about how Fin likes it.¬† Continue reading