First Impression Review; WhiskersDesigns Catnip Pumpkin & Strawberry Toy

So, a while back, I got my first actual e-mail on our new e-mail address;! My first regular e-mail was from my dad, but this one was from Laura, inventor and creator at ‘Whiskers Designs’ on Etsy. She asked me if I would be open to reviewing her toys, and of course, I jumped at the opportunity! This will be our first sponsored post, but of course, I’ll still be honest with you about how Fin likes it. 

I’ve mentioned it before, but I haven’t really seen Fin showing an interest in catnip toys, other than his little pompoms (I only found out they had catnip in when I repurchased them, haha).. I’ve bought him multiple catnip infused toys, I even have some separate packages lying around, but he didn’t care for those, so I figured he didn’t care for catnip at all.. That is, until now!
Since Laura gave me free pick of the toys, I picked the pumpkin and the strawberry, cute, small, and roundish, so Fin can roll them around. They arrived in a sturdy package, along with a lovely card, and a small business card with all of Whiskers Designs’ details. The quality of these is lovely, sturdy, but still a little squishy, and I’m still amazed at how things like these are handmade.
As soon as I opened the package, Fin came sniffing, but went back to his dinner shortly after. I took pictures of the toys, then went downstairs and let him finish his dinner. Shortly after Fin came downstairs.. this happened; align=middle

He loves them! They were lost under the mysterious cupboards for a while due to intense play, but I have found myself tripping over a wild strawberry quite some times now. I’m so very grateful to Laura for giving me this opportunity, and I hope that if you’re reading this, you’ll go give her some love on Etsy (and check out her other social media, as seen on her business card), because she makes the cutest things, not only for kitties, but also for us humans.

In case you were wondering, both the strawberry and the pumpkin toy are five dollars each, and can be shipped worldwide!

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