Big Boy Op Pt.1

As you might know, Fin had his big boy operation (also known as castration) just over 2 weeks ago. Our breeder recommended I wait until he was about ten months old if I could, because he’d have some more time to grow and develop. I’m glad I waited, but I’m also glad I did it. It’s a very small procedure, but I thought I’d still update you on how it went anyways.

I planned the surgery as far ahead of time as I could, so I could take off some time at work to be with him and take care of him as he recovered. If you still have to get your kitties neutered or spayed, I would definitely recommend doing it in a time where you can take time off of work to be with them, just in case. I got a letter/e-mail with instructions in advance of the surgery, and a little questionnaire about his overall health. He’d have to stop eating and drinking 12 hours before being dropped off. So, Fin’s surgery was the 22nd of February; we had to drop him off at the vet’s at eight in the morning and they checked his overall health before he was taken to the operation room.

We got a call around half past eleven, that everyone loved him, and he could be picked up, so off we went again! He seemed fine when he was in the car, if a bit mellowed out, and when we got home, I put the carrier down, opened it, and he climbed straight out. Smart move? No, not particularly. He was stil very woozy, a bit drugged up, and wobbled around, panting with exertion. He couldn’t seem to settle down, having made multiple laps around the living room, already having tried out his favourite spots. He ended up at the door, meowing pitifully, which honestly broke my heart, but we didn’t want him to try walking upstairs in this state. Since the litterbox is also in the hallway, we figured he might want to use it, so I sat down on the stairs and let him do his thing. He did have to pee, but the poor thing fell over in the litterbox and ended up covered in wet litter and urine. I called the vet to see if I should clean it up and if it was dangerous to let him be, and was reassured.

After that little episode, he was insistent about going upstairs, so we let him, under supervision. He found a place and napped for a while, after which he was a lot more stable. Some more naps later, he was essentially back to his old self. I had the instructions to check him once a day, the area was shaved a bit so it was pretty easy to check, and he’s been good, thankfully. I also mentioned I’d get his teeth checked out, and they were fine, but I could clean them with my fingers or a tiny brush if I wanted to. I had another day off work the next day, which we spent lazing about and playing a bit, but all signs of him having been so dopey were completely gone.

So, to sum up, the first day was definitely a little scary, it’s not fun seeing your baby like that, but Fin has recovered quickly and nicely after a bit of sleep, so there’s nothing to worry about. If you’re still on the fence when it comes to neutering/spaying your pet, I would definitely recommend it.

2 thoughts on “Big Boy Op Pt.1

    • Milou (Fin's Mom) says:

      His parents didn’t spray, so he had a minor chance of doing so, but I’m still glad I did it! His stud’s tail should be going away soon — which, by the way, do you have any experience with it? I can’t find a lot of good articles on it, and I’m still doubting if I should write one myself since I’m not that knowledgable on the subject.

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