March Kitty Finds ’16

We’re a month closer to Fin’s birthday, smack dab in the middle of kitten season. Will you be adopting a little furry friend sometime soon? This month’s kitty finds is especially well-balanced, if I do say so myself. We have some kitty merchandise, portraits, accessories, decor and food. Food is a first in this series, so I’m curious to see what you’ll think.Normally, I do kitty finds every last Tuesday of the month, but this month, I’m doing it a week earlier, because our Blogiversary is next week!
As usual, a little disclaimer; in these posts, I’ll be featuring shops and certain items that I’ve found online; things that I admire, feel deserve more exposure, and things I might buy along the way. These posts are not sponsored in any way; I hand pick all of these items and ‘advertise’ them for free, just because I want to. Credit of these pictures go to their respective owners, and will be linked to corresponding the shop!

Chicken Trial – Savage Cat Food

First up.. Savage Cat Food. I’ve been researching raw feeding for a while now, inspired by our Instagram friends Da Vinci, Einstein & Shakespeare. Through them, I was introduced to this brand. They produce ready made raw food mixes, and send them out however often you need it. Sadly, this isn’t an option for me as international shipping wouldn’t be possible, but if you’re in America, and wanting to give raw food a try, I would definitely recommend you try this — I’ve yet to hear anything other than good about them.

Serenity Meow Pullover – My Cat Is People

I, as a crazy cat lady, have a firm opinion about clothing or accessories that relate to cats. There can never be enough cat merchandise in your life. My Cat Is People is a brand that offers not only cat sweaters, but cat prints too. Not everything in their shop is cat focused, so even if you’re not a cat fan (that’d make me kinda curious as to why you’re on my cat blog) you might find something you like.

Bespoke A5 Framed Pet Portrait – Jennifer Louington

Like many other artists, brands and shops, I found Jennifer Louington on Instagram. I know this isn’t for everyone, but I love pet portraits. I like how artists are able to showcase a certain feature, or characteristic within the portraits, just based on photos you sent them. It’s an amazing skill to have, one that Jennifer definitely posseses.

Mia Cathouse – MyKotty


Fin is a fan of cardboard. And also a fan of little houses. We already have a cardboard house, but I just love the way this one looks! It’s so modern, and large enough for a bigger kitty. MyKotty offers a multitude of lovely scratching furniture, things you’ll be able to put into your home without wanting to, or needing to hide them from sight.

Tora Cat Bow Tie – MelissaKittyBowTies

If you’ve seen some of the previous kitty finds, you’ll notice I am not only a fan of cat-themed accessories for myself, but I am also a fan, of accessories for my cat. MelissaKittyBowties offers lovely prints, and the bowties are attached to a matching little collar — Absolutely ideal! Often, you have to attach a bowtie to a separate collar, and often having to buy a matching collar. These aren’t just convenient and absolutely gorgeous, but they’re also affordable! A little thank you to our lovely friend Lova for introducing us to these amazing bowties.

That’s it for this month! Thank you for tuning in again, I hope you enjoyed this month’s finds. If you have any recommendations, as always, I would love to hear them!


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