Review; Lilly Brush S.O.S.

A while back now, I wrote a first impression about the Lilly Brush S.O.S. It’s been almost 9 months now, (oops!), and I’ve had the chance to test this baby extensively. I mentioned in the first post that Fin wasn’t shedding much, but this has changed dramatically. We’re in the middle of shedding season, the best time of all times to test products for removing hair from furniture and clothing, so, how did the Lilly Brush score?

I’ve found it out it works best on furniture, but it does remove fur from my clothing as well. For most clothing, I do prefer lint rollers, because the Lilly Brush doesn’t remove the tiiiiiiny tiny hairs, but I’ve found out it works best on rougher/stronger fabrics! Its great for removing hair from my jeans, and I use it every Sunday when I clean Fin’s room, because he has two seats in there. It also works great on removing fur from the little pillows and cushions on his cat tree, and the windowsill.

Would I buy the brush again? You know, I actually might, if this one breaks down. I might even buy the Lilly Brush BFF, which is a bigger version. I don’t regret buying this product at all, but it does work differently than I expected it to work. Not as great, because I expected it to work great on literally everything, but it’s still a very neat product to have lying around. If you’re looking for a way to rid your furniture of cat hair, instead of using an infinite amount of lint rollers, I would definitely recommend the Lilly Brush. It deserves a solid 7/10.
Would you try this product as well? Or would you rather stick to the traditional option, lint rollers?

Find out more about the Lilly Brush S.O.S. here, and buy the brush on Amazon!

4 thoughts on “Review; Lilly Brush S.O.S.

  1. Jennifer Schmidt says:

    We use the Lily Brush pretty often. It’s part of the cat hair removal arsenal. I don’t think it would be possible to break one: they seem to be made really strong! It doesn’t cost much, and it works well. I definitely think it is a tool to have on hand!

  2. Jenny | says:

    I prefer the BFF because of the shear surface area it can cover. I want more BFFs so that I don’t always have to go looking for my one. I want two for each floor =). I tend to wear clothing that doesn’t attract too much cat hair, so I don’t have to worry about clothing cat hair removal as much. When I do, I usually use tape or wet my fingers to get it off.

    • Milou (Fin's Mom) says:

      I originally wanted to buy both, but figured I’d be better off trying the SOS before committing to the bigger one, as its a lot pricier around here. I still use the old fashioned lint roller to clean my clothes, but I’m planning to buy a silicone one and see how that works 🙂

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