Caturday Special – Birthday Boy’s Treat

My baby boy’s birthday was just a little over a week ago now, but I haven’t had time to post about it until today! As a Caturday Special, I figured I’d share what I did to celebrate Fin’s birthday, specifically his special little birthday cake, and next week, I’ll post a 12-month update.

Of course, like any crazy cat lady, I sang him Happy Birthday first thing in the morning, and got him his breakfast. Nothing special yet, because we were saving that for dinner. After breakfast, he got his presents; I don’t have pictures of his presents because I completely forgot, but I got him the Cat Dancer toy, and his “grandparents” got him a new cardboard scratcher; which he loves.
His Instagram Auntie Aranka (and her kitty Kaipo) sent a lovely card and some new bouncy balls, which he also adores. I’ve known her since before Fin came home, and we’re still trying to plan a meet-up for ourselves, and quite possibly also for the kitties! If that does happen, I’ll be sure to post about it on here, maybe even make a video.

So, onto the evening celebrations! As you can see, Fin had a very special dinner on his birthday. While I was helping my mom out with grocery shopping, I checked out the cat food isle in the supermarket; something I rarely do considering most supermarket cat food isn’t good quality, but this one caught my eye.
Naturo Adult Cat Salmon Mousse is made out of all natural ingredients, so no additives, it doesn’t contain grain as an ingredient, and it has 80% meat content (chicken, salmon and beef). To go with the salmon mousse, I bought some smoked salmon, and voila; a cute little salmon birthday cake! I just took a slice of smoked salmon, placed it on the plate, got rid of the excess oil in the tin of mousse, plopped the mouse on top, and decorated with smaller pieces of the salmon.
If you’re very adapt in the kitchen, you could probably even make your own salmon mousse as long as you make sure to have a good recipe. I, however, chose the easy way out, and Fin absolutely loved it. Here he is, digging into his little cake.

Turns out, he’s a fan of salmon! I ended up cutting the slice of salmon under the mousse as well, to make it easier for him to eat, but he finished the whole thing. Do you celebrate your cat’s birthday, and if you do so, how? I’d love to hear all about it! If you have any other cute birthday cake ideas, I’m always open to recommendations for next year’s creation, but I might just end up with another flavour mousse and matching topping 🙂 Happy Caturday, everyone!

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