Fin’s Twelve Month Update

I was planning to write this post exactly a week ago, so it’d have gone up on the day I met Fin, exactly a year ago, but sadly, life got in the way. My grandma isn’t doing well, and I was too distracted to write. I’ll try to keep things updated, but it’s a little difficult right now, so I hope you’ll understand. My baby boy turned one year old last month, so it’s time for another update! 

The tiny little bean, about 3ish weeks at the time, on the left picture has transformed in the magnificent floofy creature you can see on the right. Honestly, it’s so weird to think how he used to fit in the palm of my hand, considering I now need two hands to properly hold him, unless I sling him over my shoulder.

His weight has stayed the same since the last update, around 6.5kg, and his colours have darkened again. I’m very curious to see how dark his coat will end up when he’s fully grown. About his coat though.. He’s currently shedding like crazy, and it’s driving all of us insane. He’s even had a hair ball! I will be buying a “FURminator DeShedding Tool” soon, which is supposed to decrease shedding by 90%. I’ve heard very controversial things about this, that it could damage fur, but I’ve noticed that most reviews say that if you use it sparingly, this doesn’t happen. I’m really hoping it’ll work for Fin, because if he so much as flops on the ground, fur flies around. If I hug him, fur ends up literally everywhere. We’ll see, though.
Since his castration, which was almost 3 months ago now, his stud’s tail has almost completely disappeared, and his behaviour has been changing quite a bit. It might just be him ageing, but he’s really getting more affectionate, craving cuddles, actually enjoying laptime, and he’s head bunting more often.
He still has slightly reddened gums, but the vet said it wasn’t really a problem, but if it gets worse, I should come back, and in the mean time, maybe try to brush his teeth every once in a while, and I’ve bought him chewing snacks in the form of dried meat, so we’ll see how those work out.

Other than all that, I don’t really have more growth updates! He doesn’t really have anything significant going on, but I’ll be looking into more dental care options, so I can share those with you guys. I’ll write a second post about his castration in August, when it’s been 6 months, and the next general Fin update will be next year!

One thought on “Fin’s Twelve Month Update

  1. Jenny | says:

    Happy 12 Months!

    He is a very handsome boy!

    On the Furminator – those brushes have razor blades on them – so they don’t damage the fur, per say, but rather take away the sheen of their hair and the extra fine hairs that stick up beyond their coat that you don’t really notice. We used one extensively on Caymus one time and got a TON of fur off of him. However, his coat looked dull and gross afterwards. It grew back just fine. So if you don’t mind the appearance of Fin’s coat being dull, then you will probably like the Furminator just fine. I talk about it in this review video of the ShedMonster, which is very similar.

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