Big Boy Op Pt.2

It’s been six months since I had Fin neutered, and as expected, he’s definitely changed since, but not in the way most cats do. Most cats become more laid-back after being de-sexed, but Fin has actually become way more active! He has the ‘zoomies’ literally 4 times a day now; he just goes nuts and runs around the house like the little maniac he is.

That, however, has also resulted in him losing some weight; he went from being 6.5 kg to 6 kg (most cats actually gain weight after having their operations!), and lately, he’s lost even more weight. To keep up with him being more active I’ve started feeding him a little more, but he’s still losing weight. It’s actually worried me quite a bit, so I phoned the vet this week and they said to deworm him again, see how he does in two weeks, and if he doesn’t gain weight in that time, we have to go in for bloodwork. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for him to gain some of his weight back, or for him just to be a 100% healthy, really.
Before I got him neutered, he somehow managed to get pee on his belly quite often and that has also dramatically decreased, but I’m not sure if that’s because he’s been neutered. It could also easily be because he’s lost weight and has less of a belly to get pee on now. Other than that, his stud’s tail is completely gone now, and he’s gotten a little cuddlier when he’s not sprinting around the house.

I firmly believe everyone should neuter their cats. Yes, I know, kittens are adorable. The experience of having a litter be born in your home is probably amazing — But you do realise, that most countries have a population of cats that is too large? America is a prime example; they have so many cats that most end up going to a kill shelter. If you want to experience kittens growing up, foster them! Don’t contribute to the overpopulation that already exists. Yes, this may be a bit odd coming from me, considering I have a pure-bred cat, but I think that’s a bit of an exception, and I’ll explain all that in another post!
Ps. This week will be a veeery busy blog week! I’m catching up on all the kitty finds I missed while I was absent.

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    • Milou (Fin's Mom) says:

      Thats the weird thing! Fin eats like a champ, and is always up for more food. Thanks for commenting <3

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