First Impression Review; Imac Aladin Playhouse

This article will be a little different from what I usually write! Per request of our sponsor, it is written in both Dutch and English!
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A few weeks back, we were contacted by our new friends over at, a Dutch online pet store! They were kind enough to give us the opportunity to choose an item and review it on our blog, so of course, I jumped at the opportunity. Since Fin absolutely adores anything with cardboard, I picked this lovely Imac Aladin Playhouse, which has two scratching pads; one inside, and one on top.

Huisdierplein is part of a larger firm; Plein, which has multiple online stores, each specialising in a certain area, like Huisdierplein specialises in pets, and offers a wide variety of pet supplies, just like my other favourite online pet store; Zooplus, does. Huisdierplein, however, offers a ton of brands Zooplus doesn’t, and if you order before 22.00, your products will be delivered the next day! What’s not to love?

Now, onto the actual review.. As promised, the Imac Aladin Playhouse was delivered within a day, and came in a bright blue box stamped with the hexagonal logo Plein websites are known for. The house itself was packaged in plastic, and you have to assemble it yourself, which turned out to be quite a hassle, because I of course, misunderstood something in the directions. Fin couldn’t stay away while I was building it, and because I folded some pieces wrong, the whole thing kept collapsing, but alas, I finally assembled it!

The playhouse measures 50(Width)x37(Height)x30(Depth) cm, and is made out a 100% recycled cardboard, which you can recycle again after use. The scratching pads can be used on both sides, and the house comes with a small baggie of catnip, to help get your kitty to use the house. Fin is now 6 kg (about 13lbs), so it does support larger cats on the top scratching pad. The house has two entryways, if you will; one shaped like the head of a kitty, and one shaped like a paw, including the paw pads, which can be a lot of fun during play time!

It looks adorable, but my main concern was with it’s sturdiness; Fin is a large cat, and can be very clumsy. Since the house isn’t assembled with any glue or whatsoever, I was afraid it’d fall apart after a little play, but it’s proved to be a lot sturdier than I thought it would be!  I’ve had to push a part back into place a time or two, but that could easily be fixed with some tape (for which I would recommend paper tape, because you don’t want your kitty eating plastic), although I haven’t found it to be necessary at this time. Because the whole house is made out of cardboard it’s completely safe for your cat to play with even if some parts come off, unlike some other cardboard houses on the market.

imac-aladin-02 imac-aladin-04

All in all, I’m very happy with this product, and the great service provided! The house is lovely to look at, comfy for Fin, and it’ll probably last us a long time because the scratching pads can be used on both sides (unless, of course, Fin eats it.. He really does love cardboard, haha!). It’s great value for your money, because it’s not only suitable as a cozy place to sleep in, but it’s great for play time, and doubles as a cat scratcher!

You can buy the Imac Aladin Playhouse here, for 17,95 — has standard shipping to the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, but the shipping prices for other countries can be requested by email!

Check out huisdierplein’s Instagram here.

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