First Impression; Lilly Brush S.O.S.

I’d seen this brush on the Floppycat channel (Youtube), which I watch regularly. It intrigued me, no more lint rollers? An easy, reusable tool to get rid of cat hair and sweater pills; how good does that sound to you? To me, it sounds great! Which is exactly why I went out to find one, but little did I know, that turned out to be a little more difficult than I expected. You see, the Lilly Brush S.O.S. is an American product, and it hasn’t really gained popularity here, which is why I could only find it on Amazon (but the shipping costs would be too big), and a Dutch/Belgian webshop; Flying-Frenzy. Anywho, lets get into this first impression!

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First Impression; Cat-It Litterbox Jumbo


Litterboxes; honestly, I wasn’t all that thrilled at shopping for one. They tend to be pretty ugly, in my opinion. I’d spend a lot of time on ikea-hackers and countless of other websites looking at ways to disguise litterboxes, to make furniture for them, and so on. Hidden litterboxes aren’t very practical most of the time, so I was on a look-out for okay to nice looking litterboxes, which is where these two came in.

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First Impression; Spring Toys 4 Cats Jumbo

Yup.. I bought more toys for my baby. You might’ve seen these in the previous haul, but they were all coiled together so you might not have realised what they were! The Spring Toys 4 Cats Jumbo set, it originally came with two red ones as well, so you’d have ten springs in total, but I gave one to the neighbour cat, and one to the breeder, to see how the cats would like it. I saw these on a Ragdoll breeder’s Facebook page (Cattery J-Cats, if anyone’s wondering), who put them in the kitten care packages. She said they were a great success, and because I thought they were super cute, I wanted to get some for Fin too. Continue reading

First Impression; ‘Catification’ by Jackson Galaxy & Kate Benjamin

I bought this book while I was catsitting for my grandparents; I’d been looking at it for a while, since I’m a fan of Jackson Galaxy’s show ‘My Cat From Hell’, and I love interior design.  I knew that when I got a cat, I’d want it to feel right at home, but I didn’t, and still don’t like most scratching poles, beds, etc. I’d been looking at D-I-Y cat things on Pinterest, and really loved the idea of those, but I wanted more. A book full of catification ideas? Sounds good to me.

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First Impression; Cat’s Flower Tree

I’m not one to like traditional cat furniture; I hate all the furry carpet, the ugly beiges and browns, so when I got to the point of actually buying stuff for Fin, I was leaning towards D-I-Y cat trees or the more expensive ones. As I mentioned in the shopping list post, I’d also been looking at the Banana Leaf Paradise Scratching Post, but as its very expensive, not all reviews on it are positive and I’m not sure what Fin will actually like, I decided not to buy that one. I was left looking at D-I-Y projects and trees I didn’t actually like, that was, until my friend JJ (Same one as I mentioned before; yes, we’re both crazy cat ladies) showed me pictures of her kitties lounging in the “Cat’s Flower” Scratching Tree.

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