Quick Kitty Tip; Keeping A Clean Litterbox

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Today’s article might be a little TMI, but honestly, if you have a cat, you have a litterbox, and you deal with it. You scoop, you scoop, and you keep scooping, because your kitty will keep pooping. In the month Fin has been home, I’ve figured out some things along the way that have been a great help, so I’ve decided to write a little about how I keep our litterboxes clean, and why it’s so important to do so!

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Kitten Checklist

When I first started thinking about getting a cat, I wanted to know what I needed to buy for him, and how much money I needed. I found some checklists online, but none of them really had EVERYTHING on there; they were too small and just didn’t include stuff that I’d heard about from friends and family that own cats. Just like with the Ragdoll Colours & Patterns post, I decided to put all the information I found into one thing, in this case, a checklist.

So, in a previous post I’d already written a checklist, but since I found out some new stuff, I figured I’d update it for you guys!

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