Caturday Special; Why I Started Blogging


As you might know, about 6 months ago now I decided I’d try convincing my parents to let me get a cat. I went searching online on how people had convinced their parents, how to show your parents that you’re responsible and so on, but a lot of what I found was just whining until the person got what they wanted. I know from experience that that rarely works out in your favour, so I kept looking. Some things were viable, but I decided I’d try to create my own ‘method’ of convincing; I asked my mom what would convince her, and started from there. I wanted to share my experience with others, and since I love writing, I decided to start a blog about cats.

I originally started blogging on Tumblr, since I already had an account on there. I just made a sideblog, and started writing, but as time went on, I started feeling uncomfortable with all my content being on Tumblr, since people can easily remove copyrights and such there. I didn’t feel like it was professional enough, and I put a lot of time in writing posts, so I decided it was time to move the entire blog to a different medium. After searching for a while, looking at paid services and free services, I decided on WordPress, since I was already familiar with it due to a school blog I have. I wasn’t really drawn to blogger and the other services, and decided I’d first try having the blog for at least 6 months before I wanted to start paying for hosting and my own domain name. So far, I love blogging and I’m seriously considering switching to paid hosting and such because it’ll improve the quality of my blog, but as I said, I’ll wait it out. When I started this blog, I had the same ‘name’ as my Tumblr blog, but I decided to change it to ‘finleybean’ as to match my Instagram name. I imported all the posts from the other blog, and then started writing new posts.

So, back to why I started the blog! The Convincing Series were the first few posts I made, and I really do hope it might help some people like it helped me, because after about 4 months of trying to convince my parents, I got their permission on the 2nd of May. On the 3rd of May, I met my little bean, who was then 11 days old. I immediately fell in love and put a down-payment on him.
From there-on I started blogging about how I’m preparing for him, and that’s where I am now. When I started the blog I hoped I would make it to this point, so I could continue blogging about cats, cat products and things alike, so thats what I’m going to do now. To me, this blog is like an outlet for all the love for cats I have in me; I can write about all the silly things I’m buying Fin, the interest I have in cat behaviour, my favourite breeds, little tips and tricks I’ve found along the way and so on. The greatest thing about having this blog, is that I can share it with you guys, other cat lovers, people who are looking into getting a cat, or whoever you might be, so thank you for letting me do that <3

I’ve already made a huge list of blogposts to come, but I’d love to get your input if theres anything you want me to research or write about. When Fin comes home, I can start writing more about him, but for now, check out the menu to get a little taste of what’s to come!

Ps. I’ve also made a YouTube channel, so I can start posting bits and clips about Fin when he comes home, and maybe some tutorials or other videos. Suggestions would be nice! (:

2 thoughts on “Caturday Special; Why I Started Blogging

  1. iloveragdolls says:

    I love reading your blog. I am so impressed with your sense of responsibility at your age. Not many would take getting a cat as seriously as you have. I can tell how much work you put into the blogging process and you write really well!

    Some topics I would be interested in:
    More info on your breeder – why you chose them, etc.

    The debate on kitten age for bringing home.

    How do you handle the negative feedback for adopting a purebred rather than a shelter cat.

    The changes taking place in feline nutrition advice. Dry kibble vs wet food and the raw food fad.

    There is info out there about vaccines and Ragdolls having a more difficult time with them. Kerby had two shots at his first vet visit and within a day, lost weight and became lethargic. We took him in to emergency vet and he was treated and recovered. For the next round we separated his doses and did a preventive medication. We have had no further problems. I highly suggest making your kitten appointments early in the day and early in the week so that if you run into any problems your vet will be open and available to address any issues.

    The challenges with the first year. My husband and I have been trying for kids for awhile and I joke that Kerby has both helped with the frustration and also prepared us for when it does happen. There were many sleepless nights. Kittens have two modes: deep sleep and full on craziness. Kerby could not got the full night without being throughly worn out the evening before. My husband and I would even take him for drives before bed just (which he loves) so he would be worn out. Jackson Galaxy covers this quite well with his play, eat, sleep routine but even then you have to be prepared for kittens that don’t follow your schedule.
    For videos:
    I love seeing the first day home. I searched for those prior to bringing Kerby home because I was curious to see if ragdolls (or even just a cat from a breeder) would be more comfortable with the new home process. For me the answer was yes. I had planned to follow the whole safe room process but Kerby walked out of carrier like he owned the place. The dogs wanted to love him to death but once they calmed down it was quite an easy transition. This was quite different from other kittens that I had brought home who would hide for some time. I know it’s different for every cat but I really enjoyed watching the intro videos to prepare for various reactions.

    Cat toy reviews are always great and super cute when Finley can help you!

    What I’m really interested in now is how to stimulate Kerby’s mind. Toys are a no brainer for engaging him but I enjoy coming up with new ways to entertain him mentally. I really love the treat mazes and I’m trying to train him to do tricks.

    This had gotten really long and I’ll blame it being 5 am here 😄 Hope these ideas help!

    • Milou (Fin's mom) says:

      Thank you so much for another lovely, helpful and amazing comment, they really make my day! <3
      I will definitely be writing about those topics, you have some really great ideas!
      I never knew ragdolls had a more difficult time with vaccines! I'll be researching it, but Fin had his first shots two weeks ago now (he also got chipped!) , and he did fine — Might be a difference in vaccines, but we'll see how he handles the next shots. Thanks for the tip!
      I will definitely be filming and blogging his first day and week home, because I've been searching for those videos as well! I think I've watched them all by now, haha.
      I'm also planning to teach Fin some tricks, so I'll make a post about that as well (:
      Thanks so much for your input! <3

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