How I Got My Human

Since I’d already decided I wanted Finley to be a Ragdoll, I had to find the right breeder for me. It was important for me to know wether they were completely certified, that they test all their animals for hereditary diseases and treat them right.
A plus would be that the kittens were raised with dogs, since we have a dog and the kitten would have less trouble adapting to living with one.
Knowing what demands you have for your potential breeder really narrows down the search; as does knowing which type and pattern you want, since some breeders only offer one specific pattern or colour.

I have a post about ragdolls and their patterns, so if you want a ragdoll too, but you’re not sure of what type, you might want to read that!

As far as I know, every country has a database of certified ragdoll breeders (This is the American one;, which you can easily find by just googling. From here, you can start visiting their websites, to see if you agree their policies and beliefs, how the kittens are raised, what patterns and colours they breed, and so on.
Most websites should provide information on upcoming litters and possible waiting lists, but if they don’t, you can always contact the breeder, as they’re most likely very willing to answer your questions.

Before I even got permission to get Fin, I put together a list of breeders I felt were right for me, and that weren’t too far away. My mom helped me find some of the breeders, and when she said dad was actually getting close to giving his permission, she helped me figure out a time frame in which we could get the kitten.

This really narrowed down the list for us; we could only get a kitten from litters born between the 17th of April until the 7th of May. Eventually, we got down to only 5-6 breeders, which I immediately contacted after dad gave us the okay.

Sadly, most of those litters were reserved, but mom basically saved the day; she had found another breeder!
We contacted her, and half an hour after sending the e-mail, I got a call; she still had kittens available in my colour/pattern preference. We visited her cattery the day after, and I got to hold the tiny (11 days old), male seal bicolour bean (He’s actually a Mitted with Blaze) we’d talked about.
I put a down payment on him the same day, after having discussed the details of adopting one of her kittens. The visit was lovely, and she said we could come see him every week if we’d like, and that she’d send us pictures of him.

If you want to read more about my experience with the cattery, please check out this post!

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