Alphabet of Kitty Names

Copyright goes to the respective owner of this lovely artwork; ‘Pepaaminto’. Please click the picture to go to the source.

I’ve mentioned a lot of kitty names in a previous post, but because I’m always finding new names I like, I figured I’d make a post dedicated to names alone. I couldn’t really figure out where to start though, because I do have favourite names, but I have a lot of those, so it couldn’t be just a top-10. Since there are names for males and names for females, I decided to do an alphabet of cute kitty names by gender, inspired by post I saw on a Dutch cat blog;!

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Convincing; Patience

Perhaps it’s the key element in trying to convince your parents; patience. I know its hard, you’re so excited, you really want this to happen, but you can’t push your parents. You can’t ask them about it every day, because it very likely won’t have the effect you want. To make it a little more bearable for yourself, put your goals down.

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