Preparation; Kitten Haul Pt.3


Another kitten haul.. I really, really do buy too much for Fin, but I’m going to pinky promise you; this will be the last preparation haul. The last bits and bobs I needed before Fin comes home have arrived, although I do still need to buy worming and flea treatment, but I will be buying those at the vet’s office. Now, just because I pinky promised you this was the last preparation haul, doesn’t mean I won’t be buying more stuff, it just won’t count as preparation. Loopholes, guys, loopholes! Continue reading

Kitten Checklist

When I first started thinking about getting a cat, I wanted to know what I needed to buy for him, and how much money I needed. I found some checklists online, but none of them really had EVERYTHING on there; they were too small and just didn’t include stuff that I’d heard about from friends and family that own cats. Just like with the Ragdoll Colours & Patterns post, I decided to put all the information I found into one thing, in this case, a checklist.

So, in a previous post I’d already written a checklist, but since I found out some new stuff, I figured I’d update it for you guys!

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Convincing; Preparation Pt.3

If you’ve done your research, you know every cat needs a ‘safe room’ in the first few days/weeks (depends on the character of the cat) after the adoption. A safe room is a room or closed off space in your house that’s not too busy, and not in the middle of all social interaction. A spare (bed)room would be perfect, but your own bedroom can also be used, as long as you keep it relatively quiet. The safe room needs to be kitty proof, and should contain the cat’s necessities.

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Convincing; Preparation Pt.2

I also made a checklist to show them how prepared I was; but this list also really helped me when I was figuring out how much money I needed to properly take care of a cat. Anyways, some things are optional, but here’s a general list of what you’ll need to buy before you get a cat. You’ll just have to decide for yourself if you’ll get everything on the list; I’ve written down some advice or reasons to buy these things under some of the not so obvious necessities.

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Convincing; Preparation Pt.1

I needed to show my parents I was prepared, not only for the cat itself, but also prepared for compromise. My parents don’t like the idea of fur all around, the cat in bedrooms, etc., so I made a list of house rules to suit their needs and preferences, but also my own and the cat’s. I did this by slowly poking around,  asking what rules their old cats had, and asking my friends with cats what rules they had for their cats.

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