All About Ragdolls; The ‘Flop’


Since I’ve been very busy with college lately, and I’ve found myself too tired or too uninspired to write, the blog posts have been a mix of consistent and inconsistent. I do apologise for this, and I’m hoping to go back to my posting schedule as soon as I can. For now though, I’ve decided to try some new types of posts, instead of just reviews, first impressions, etc. This’ll be the first article of a few about typical Ragdoll characteristics that I’ve noticed in Fin!

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All About Ragdolls; Development


As you might know by now, I get to visit Fin every week until he comes home (Which is in 20 days, woop!), so I’ve seen him grow since he was 11 days old. It’s been so amazing to see how my little bean turned into an actual kitten! I’ve taken pictures of him every single week, and I’m planning to make him a photo album, and I’ll write detailed blogposts every 3 months, to update you on his development, growth, and all that jazz. For now, I’ll be writing about Ragdoll Development in general, because it really helped me with what to expect during the weekly visits.

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All About Ragdolls; Colours & Patterns

As figuring this whole colours and patterns thing out caused me some trouble while doing my research, I thought I’d try making it a little easier for other (potential) Ragdoll lovers. I’m not claiming I know everything, but this is a summary of the knowledge I’ve collected with my research. Get a cup of tea, because this is going to be a long, long post. Continue reading

Ragdoll Cats; Why?

First off, I’d like to explain why I won’t be adopting a cat from a local shelter. I really do support the cause, and when I live on my own, I’d like to rescue a cat from the shelter. I’m all for adopting, especially older cats; the kittens go fast, but with older cats, you have a great shot at actually knowing what they’re like before taking them home!

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