Convincing; Catsitting

Letta & Gijs

I moved into my grandparent’s home for a week while they were away to take care of their cats! I’ve taken care of a neighbours cat before this, which I mentioned in another post, but this wasn’t 24/7, and I only had to feed her.
To be honest, I’m so excited about being around cats for 5 days straight, that I’m even looking forward to learning to scoop out the litterbox.

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Convincing; Responsibility Pt.2

Of course, there’s always financial responsibility. In my case, I’m planning to pay for Fin all by myself. So the research comes in handy once again.
Initial costs for a cat are different for everyone; purebred cats are often a lot more expensive than a rescue, but that doesn’t make them better cats by definition. There are many articles that can be found online to find out what better suits your needs and lifestyle, so look at those before you decide what kind of cat you want.

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