Big Boy Op Pt.1

As you might know, Fin had his big boy operation (also known as castration) just over 2 weeks ago. Our breeder recommended I wait until he was about ten months old if I could, because he’d have some more time to grow and develop. I’m glad I waited, but I’m also glad I did it. It’s a very small procedure, but I thought I’d still update you on how it went anyways.

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He behaves as if nothing happened, yay! ❤️

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How I Feel About; ‘Fixing’ Your Cat

Everybody loves kittens, they’re cute, they’re cuddly, fluffy and amazing, but fact is, there are way too many kittens and cats that don’t have forever homes. Why? A big part of it is that some people don’t fix their cat. They might forget, decide its too much money, don’t see the use of it or they want kittens, and then the kittens keep on coming. Average female cats can have up to 3 litters a year, and since the average size of a litter is 4-6 kittens, if you don’t spay your cat, you could have up to 18 kittens each year. I know this doesn’t sound like a crazy number, but you have to realise that your cat is most certainly not the only one that hasn’t been spayed. This is the sole reasons kitten season exists.

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